Bac Ha Market in Sapa

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Bac Ha market is the acclaimed marketplace in Sapa

About 76 km away from the train station, Bac Ha is a remote district of Lao Cai province. Bac Ha Market which takes place every Sunday is famous for the features and original traditions that the locals still preserved until today. 

Bac Ha Market is well known for its rawness and traditional identity

Bac Ha Market in Sapa
To access here, locals ride on horse’s back

On the journey of discovering Sapa travel to Bac Ha, tourists will have a chance to observe the majestic scenery of natural beauty such as the mountain range, endlessly stretching road, charming terraced field and so on. On the way to Bac Ha market, tourists can often catch the images of ethnic people riding their horse all the way to Bac Ha since they live far away and have to start the journey early, even from the previous day.

This highland culture market is a living museum of cultural and community activities which remains until today, where still contains plenty of ethnic culture with unique customs and regional traditions which are perfectly maintained throughout the time of history.

Activities in Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha Market in Sapa
From clothes to foods, you can easily opt for a great choice of your preference

Setting foot to Bac Ha market, tourist will see a numerous of upland products displayed for sale such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, clothes, silver jewelry, foods, etc. Right outside the entrance is the place of small stalls selling bags, embroidered towels, and purses. Further inside the market appears the colorful ethnic dress, clothing to satisfy the shopping demand of visitors.

The main square where trading takes place is divided into smaller section, specializing in a particular product such as handicrafts, food, horse, poultry, and blacksmith. Each has its own trait and worth joining. Here is also the place to sell traditional foods and beverages, where tourists can experience the unique taste of food can only find in Bac Ha market. What could be more interesting than going to Bac Ha and enjoy “thang co” (a kind of soup with traditional horse meat) – a specialty in Bac Ha market which will mark an unforgettable memory with visitors.

Products in Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha Market in Sapa
These informal settings are the common scenes in Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha market is not only a place to sell, by and trade but also the meeting place and cultures exchange for locals and nearby communities. Besides, this is an occasion for relatives to reunite after a long time of working and living far away, for the youth to find their other half, for women to show off their skills of making beautiful traditional handmade kinds of stuff. Today in Bac Ha market, the unique old feature and traditional identity are still being preserved unchanged as the ancient upland ancestors did.

You can spend a whole day wandering around the Bac Ha Markets and you will still probably not see it all.  There are many alleys, nooks, and crannies.  Even the on the outside of the market you will find some interesting things such as the breath-taking scenery of alley, mountains, rice paddy and so on. Bac Ha market is a place worth visiting if anyone bears in mind an intention of participating a tour to Sapa and nearby locations.


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