Muong Hum Market in Sapa

The Bac Ha market has long been known as one of the special markets with full of cultural specificities of inhabitants of the H’ Mong ethnic group. 

The market of Bac Ha with wild and attractive beauties in the North West 

At the Bac Ha Market, visitors can buy and sell local products including garments, fabrics, tools, jewelry, vegetables and fruits, orchids, precious medicinal herbs of the jungle.

The market is the destination for domestic and foreign tourists when coming to Lao Cai, Sa Pa. Especially, it is a shortcoming for visitors’ trip to miss the “thang co” dish with a glass of rice wine earth which make your mouth water.

In addition, the market sells many products in the northwestern region.

Bac Ha Market On every Sunday, each group of people flocks into the Bac Ha town to open up the market. The fair has become a cultural uniqueness with national identity. It is located in the heart of the town the place for business activities of ethnic minority people from around the village. Especially, it is interesting to get perspective of the market with colorful dresses of women from ethnic groups. Customers usually pay attention to jewelry, dresses, brocades and charm papooses. Moreover, the fair is also a place for men to gather and enjoy glasses of rice wine with a pan “thang co”. 

Bac Ha Market “Thang co” dish

Bac Ha Market The “thang co” also called Kha Tha or “meat soup” is a special food of Mong ethnic group. According to the elders in this village, the winners appeared hundreds of years ago when the Mong, Tay and Nung ethnic groups moved to the Northwest region. However, this dish is most famous in the fair. 

Inhabitants with the “meat soup” dish

When eating the “meat soup”, you should squat, put the dish on a wooden plate, use the wooden spoon and prepare the bowl of salt with fresh green pepper. The dish is strange smell very specific. You are scared a little because there are all the meats of the horse in the pan. However, you will become a “meat soup” lover immediately after eating it.

Men often invite you to eat the dish with maize or rice wine. Meanwhile, women and children often bring the cornmeal in order to eat. There are many topics for their conversation, but they usually talk about the fields, buffaloes, business and so forth.

The market with national identity

Bac Ha Market In the trend of commercialization for markets in the highland, Bac Ha is one of the few markets preserving the national identity and specificities of the ancient markets. In addition, The Bac Ha fair is community activities of ethnic groups in the Northwest of Vietnam with the values of cultural traditions. As a result, the market, nowadays, is still attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.


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