Bamboo sticky rice – specialty in Sapa

Bamboo sticky rice in Sapa

If you have a chance to visit the cloudy city of Vietnam – Sapa, don’t forget to enjoy the special rice dish – bamboo sticky rice or “Cơm lam”. It is truly a special dish with cheap price in this attractive destination.

Bamboo sticky rice is a traditional dish of ethnic minorities

As you know, Vietnamese people have an obsession with rice, they have rice in almost all their meals, and bamboo sticky rice in Sapa is the special version of rice dish because it is cooked in bamboo tubes instead. It is a unique dish of the ethnic groups in the mountainous area of the Northwest in Vietnam. This dish was created and cooked by Tay people.

Bamboo sticky rice in SapaThe story behind this specialty is that: there was a local man who had a problem with his stomach during his long journey in the forest because he had only a small amount of sticky rice, salt and lighter but any pots. Then with a knife, he cut a piece of the bamboo tree then poured sticky rice, salt, and stream water into it. After that, he covered it with leaf and grilled it. Finally, he had a delicious meal at his creation without any pots. The bamboo sticky rice then appears and becomes popular with local people as a prepared meal for their journeys in the forests and now with tourists as a specialty in the mountainous area.

Recipe for bamboo sticky rice

The ingredients for this dish include:

  • Fragrant sticky rice – which is grown on the hills or terraced fields
  • Stream water or spring water – which makes the rice more sweet and delicious
  • Salt
  • Banana leaves or tissue paper
  • Fresh and young bamboo

Bamboo sticky rice in SapaTo make this dish, local people firstly collect bamboo then clean and chop it into small sections, each one is about 30 centimeters long. Sticky rice is soaked previously in water for two hours before being mixed with a little salt then being filled in the bamboo tubes. After that, they add stream water with the rate 80% – rice and 10% – stream water. Then they cover these tubes with banana leaves or tissue paper and roast them above the hot flame or red coals in 40 minutes until they smell pleasant. Before eating, they remove the singed skin of bamboo and peel away the thin cover outside sticky rice also. Tourists are impressed with the delicious blend taste of fragrant rice, sweet stream water and a slight scent of the bamboo tree.

A dish represent the nature and people of Sapa

Bamboo sticky rice in SapaBamboo sticky rice is often served with chicken skewers of grilled pork and local wines, especially straw wine or we call “rượu cần”. If you have a chance to enjoy such a meal you will definitely fall in line with nature and people in this misty city.

Bamboo sticky rice nowadays is quite popular and you can find this dish in almost grilled dishes vendor in Sapa. Here is an offer for you:

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