The “banana inflorescence” festival of Xa Pho ethnic minority

“banana inflorescence” festival 1

Xa Pho ethnic group has a very beautiful banana festival. The festival is the gathering place for playing, wishing, dancing, expressing the spirit of solidarity, remembering the ancestors and striving to improve the life of the Xa Pho ethnic people. The Xa Pho’s banana inflorescence festival is a very meaningful festival that attracts both inhabitants and visitors.

The Banana inflorescence of Xa Pho ethnic group with dance movements

“banana inflorescence” festival 1On the festival, the unique active is traditional dances with the dance movements expressing production and daily life. The dance movements were brought to the festival with the desire for a happy life.

During the ceremony, a banana tree was planted with flowers and fruits in the center of the worshiping place. Then, they put the flowers on the banana tree. People go around the banana trees to dance which prays for a bumper crop, and then they worship offerings including new rice and specialties of the mountains and forests. The dance also describes the movements such as harvesting rice, hunting, fishing and so forth.

The banana inflorescence festival is a place for exchanging cultures

Before organizing the festival, the families participating rituals bring offerings for a family worshiping, such as rice, chickens, wine, 3 grilled birds, fish sauce, salt and chili sauce and so on.

Before celebrating the ceremony, the families incense at their tray and pray in order to express the hearts of their hosts for the deities and the deceased. Then, the hosts pray and ask for ending this ritual. The dishes are divided into two trays for men, women.

After eating and drinking, in the ceremonial area, some young men perform the ritual planting a banana with various kinds of forest flowers including red banana flowers around the banana. After prepared offerings, each couple performs the rituals including the dances for paying a bumper harvest and worships new rice and specialties

In the festival, the Xa Pho families abstain anyone from bringing anything out of the houses. Families in other villages which have not organized the festival are not invited.

Details of this scintillating festival 

“banana inflorescence” festival 1According to the traditional custom, the festival is held in a family, a family group or a village. Families participating in the festival bring wine, rice, 3 grilled birds, fish sauce, salt and chili sauce and so on in order to make offerings for a host family. All of them were made into offerings. When prepared foods, they put all of them on a rattan tray and put it in front of the village where the festival was held. After that, they enjoy the festival and pray for happiness.

The festival reflects the spiritual culture of the Xa Pho people. When coming to Sapa, the banana inflorescence festival of Xa Pho ethnic minority, of course, is one of destination you can not forget to write in your schedule. You should participate and explore the festival to pray for a peaceful life, the bumper harvest of Xa Pho village. In addition, Sapa also has many unique festivals such as Nao Cong festival, Sun Sun Festival, and so forth. Let’s come to Sapa to discover more beauties of the culture here.














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