Sapa Valley
There will always be places that get under your skin.  Places that you’ll remember and feel like someday you’d like to return. Sapa Valley is one of those places for me. Sapa is a lovely hill station town in Northern Vietnam near the Chinese border. The region as also known as “the Tontinese Alps” and it’s culturally rich with different hilltribe minorities, lush mountain...
Transportation is the most important element which guarantee a success travel. In Vietnam you have also the same option as other places: plane, train, bus and motorbike… But first of all I want you to make sure you understand well these notes below before making a tour Vietnam. When you get ready, it become an adventure which broaden your...
Two locals find the time to pose for a photo while driving in the district one of Saigon. we get on the night bus that will bring us to Hue I look at Jelen and tell her:“I’m happy we are leaving Hanoi. I was craving a bit of peace.”It wasn’t because of the insistence of the street vendors or the screams of the pseudo-backpackers that cross the world to get drunk in a hostel 24/7.It was...
buffalo 3
Water buffalo is more than once well-known as the symbol of Vietnam, a cultural land of the wet rice civilization. Under the space of modern life this honor animal little by little turn into a memory… but, it’s not that. Buffalo still keep doing well its mission in a land of nature, a land intact by the influence of...
rice field
Vietnam is located in both a tropical and a temperate zone. If the hot weather in the south make you tired, the high rate of rainfall in the north become an inconvenience for tourist. Located in the northwest, Sapa appear as such an ideal destination which neutralize the limit of climatic condition in these two area and stand out...
Sapa 2
The majority tourists want to be amazed by the breathtaking landscape but has anyone think about immerse yourself in the middle of nature and enjoy the peaceful pace of life in such a hidden paradise? Then, if you eager to have a journey like that, you shouldn’t miss Sapa, a wonderful place to relax and to experience. Sapa is such...
beautiful Sapavideo
Sapa is always the most attractive destination in Northwest of Vietnam not only for its stunning landscape but also its loveable culture. You will never know how special this upland town is until you come to immerse yourself in the middle of the nature and enjoy such a peaceful ambiance. Then, we want to share a nice video full of...
cloud 2
Under such a summer heat, what will appear in your mind as a dream destination? A sunny beach? Not really, I can sure than you don’t want to be drowned in the crowd. An amusement park? Something more natural sounds better for relaxation… Then how about a foggy city, an airy valley, a picturesque village… are they cool enough?...
Viet Nam has more than 50 ethnic groups, each plays an important role in the cultural diversity as well as the spiritual beauty of this country. Festivals are amazing, weekend fair are interesting… but love market is something more than that. It express the culture, the beauty, the ambition and the sentimental custom… Weekend fair is no doubt one...
Tập tục bốc mộ bắt nguồn từ đâu 5
Tục lệ tiến hành bốc mộ, cải táng, sang cát cho thân nhân đã khuất sau 3 năm đoạn tang đã có từ rất lâu đời, và được coi  như một cách để thể hiện sự hiếu kính của con cháu đối với ông bà tổ tiên. Vậy thì truyền thống này có nguồn gốc từ đâu và có...




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