If you are thinking about how to end your ultimate travel in Sapa, let visit the colorful market in the town or a typical weekend market. Then buy something special as souvenirs which will remind you about this rustic lands. But if you don’t have any ideas when getting lost in the diversity of the merchandise, all exotic and amazing, read my recommendations below:

  1. Handicraft

The northwestern region of Vietnam is already famous with the traditional handicraft which is no doubt the quintessence of the mountainous land and hill tribes. As a matter of fact, it’s not exaggeration to compare it to the legendary haute couture when everything is all handmade, from weaving from dying.


To fashion lover, a fancy dress or a traditional garment with the very unique patterns inspired from the nature and rustic life will absolutely become a very hot items in your wardrobe. In addition, there are many kind of handicraft for you to choose, from scarf to money pocket, hat to hand bag…

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  1. Accessories

Accessories are something you can’t miss in a weekend market where you can find many beautiful things from bracelet to earing. If you look closer, you will see that the accessories stands are always the most fancy area in the market where attract many ethnic women and tourists too.

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Just silver and nothing else, no diamond, no ruby… but the typical accessories keep rise in popularity, thank for the delicate designs. In no doubt, the shiny white of silver contrary to the red table cover will catch your eyes from the very first sight. If you are a girl, don’t hesitate to treat yourself something cool. And to boy, it’s is very nice if you give your beloved person a beautiful gift like that.


  1. Medicinal herbs

You know herbal bathing, right? If no, you have to experience it right away, such a retreat of the angel. And if yes, let buy some dried medicinal herbs before you leave this nice place. Just about to bring you back to the complete relaxation when arriving Sapa as well as leave yourself a comfortable feelings about your trip.

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Furthermore, as the land rich in natural resources and ancient culture, you an easily find a lot of medicinal herbs collected from the dense mountains which is absolutely good for your health, just think about natural tonic.


  1. Dry spices

The flavorful gastronomy already became the trademark of Sapa and the secret is nothing different from the art of using many kind of aroma leaves and spices in cooking.


In fact, the dense forest appear as the mother, the Mother of nature who do not only give foods but also silently make the regional cuisine stand out to be one of the most attractive cuisine of the country. Dill, cinnamon, anise, Indian pepper… all in high quality.


Then what you think? Just let these fancy things come home with you and remind you to Sapa, the land many surprise.

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