Not as big as Sapa market, not as famous as Bac Ha market, but still be an interesting stopover in a Sapa tour, the colorful Coc Ly market will never let you down with many lively activities and good foods and lovely ethnic people…


Just about 10km downstream the Chay River from Bac Ha, Coc Ly market are waiting for you to explore. This market take place right next to the simple and rustic suspension bridge on the river. this is also a weekly market but unlike others market in the mountainous land, Coc Ly market don’t held at the weekend but in Tuesday.


Though the small scale, this colorful market still plays such an important role as the “commercial center” of Mong Flower, Black Dao and Nung living in the western Bac Ha town. This place can be considered as a wholesale market where people come to buy, sale and exchange local agricultural products as well as goods imported from China.


As a matter of fact, Coc Ly market still remain the colorful beauty of a market of northwestern Vietnam. With a view from far away, the market is an amazing performance of life a hustling bustling pace of commercial activities mixed with the peaceful life style. From the very first sight your eyes will be stimulated by vivid colors of traditional clothes and the energetic ambiance.

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By visiting around the market you have to admit that you can find anything in this market, from vegetables to wild bamboo shoots, from orchids to medicinal plants… if there are many eyes-catching handicraft stands where you can find for yourself a beautiful souvenirs like scarf, money pocket… or a traditional clothes of Hmong people as well.

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But the most uproarious may be the cattle and poultry areas. Water buffalo, pig, hand-carried piglet, horse, dog, and cat… all kind of domestic animal. By walking around there you can see that everyone is honest. People negotiate politely and no one try to overcharge.

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This market is apparently not only an ideal spot for trading activities but also a nice place for meeting people, an amazing occasion for traditional activities such as playing games, singing folk song… and of course for tasting many delicious specialties. Just look at how fun people are tourists in no doubt want to join them and together stir the air by chatting loudly, drinking wine…

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What do you think about doing a boat trip in such an upland town? Yeah, that’s actually one of the most attractive feature of this beautiful destination. If you eager to learn about the way of living in harmony with nature of minority people, you can visit many ethic villages on the edges of the famous Chay River by making a cruise following the flux.


Once you visit Coc Ly market you will learn for sure that it is really a nice place where you can get yourself closer to the peaceful pace of living of minorities people and enjoy the real escape from the modern life.

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