Cocochin – a good dining venue in Saigon’s pedestrian square

Those who are looking for a good venue to enjoy a variety of delicious food and hang out with friends or family at weekends could consider Cocochin Food Court on Nguyen Hue Boulevard.

A corner of Cocochin Food Court behind the Saigon House located at 77 Nguyen Hue Street in HCMC’s District 1

Located on the most bustling Nguyen Hue pedestrian square in HCMC, Cocochin offers guests a luxurious dining space featuring diversified cuisines from numerous well-known brands.

Upon arrival at the venue for the first time, guests may be absorbed by its deluxe interior décor, which is a harmonious combination between the East Asian architecture and modern European designs, with patterned brick walls, wooden tables, lacquered bird cages hung on the ceiling, splendid chandeliers, and expensive furnishing items.

Cocochin occupies the ground and first floors of the Saigon House, with the presence of some famous brands such as Malee Thai, Red Dessert Factory, Bason Coffee, Bistro Vietnamese, Ngo 89 (Alley No.89), and Chai Vegetarian.

The highlight of the food court is that diners can experience a wide selection of food of the country’s three regions – north, central and south.

Those who love food delicacies of the North can find Bun dau mam tom (fried tofu and fresh rice vermicelli with fermented shrimp paste), cha com (pork paste with green rice flakes), pho cuon (rolled noodles) at the Ngo 89 restaurant.

In addition, Cocochin offers many specialties of the Central region such as Cao Lau (Hoi An rice noodles with pork), bun ca ngu (noodle with tuna fish), and banh beo chen (a kind of rice cake made with spring onions and pork fat), helping those who are away from home enjoy the specific flavors of their homeland.

Besides, diners will have a chance to explore the abundance of savory dishes from the South including com tam (broken rice), banh xeo (fried pancake), hu tieu (noodles), and goi cuon (spring roll).

Sweet-food lovers are advised to visit the Red Dessert Factory restaurant to savour che (sweet soups) of all kinds, smoothies, matcha (fine green tea powder), nuoc sam (herbal tea), and soft drinks, with prices starting from VND35,000 each.

Furthermore, those wishing to explore Asian cuisines will have a chance to enjoy unique dishes from two famous Asian culinary cultures, namely Thailand with Malee Thai brand and Japan with Haha Sushi.

Guests to the place can choose to sit at an outdoor area like a balcony of a house on the first floor to breathe in fresh air and take spectacular pictures of Nguyen Hue Boulevard.

Meanwhile, many patrons, especially local youths and foreign tourists, enjoy staying inside to have a meal in the cozy atmosphere like home.

After a walk in Nguyen Hue pedestrian square, guests can drop by at Cocochin at 77 Nguyen Hue Street in HCMC’s District 1, which is open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.


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