Cultural features of Ta Van Giay ethnic group in Sapa

Ta Van Giay ethnic group in Sapa 1

Sapa is located in the northwest of Viet Nam with imposing mountains. Many people from ethnic groups with separated cultures inhabited in here. Insides, cultural specificities of Ta Van Giay ethnic group is very outstanding. Let’s explore the uniqueness of the village.

The long-standing origin of cultural specificities of Ta van Giay ethnic group

The Ta Van Giay village is located in Ta Van commune, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province. The hamlet located at the base of the mountain includes 110 households with 550 people. Located in the territory of Hoang Lien National Park, the village is the convergence of the land of heaven. Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity for learning more about the style, lifestyle as well as the cultural characteristics of the Giay ethnic minority people.

Ta Van Giay ethnic group in Sapa 2.jpgFrom Sa Pa town, along with the track winding about halfway up the mountain about 10km, tourists will arrive the Ta Van village. The road to the hamlet is small and narrow. There is a bridge over Muong Hoa stream – the road to Ta Van Giay hamlet.

Amazing experiences in this hamlet

Coming to the village, visitors not only indulge themselves in the natural scene poetic but also discover the rustic beauty of the hamlet. The village is based on the mountain, in front of the Muong Hoa stream. The houses face northeast because the east is a rocky mountain, the south with a stream flowing. The village has existed since the Giay people live in here. Therefore, the hamlet has a history lasting about 300 years.

Ta Van Giay ethnic group in Sapa 3Inhabitants reside together with hundreds of houses gathering into hamlets in the foothills or along river valleys and streams. Surrounded by the H’ Mong people, Giay people still preserve traditional culture of customs, beliefs, and festivals.

In the religion and belief of the Giay ethnic group, the most important custom is the worship of ancestors and gods. Worshiping ancestors is worship for the Vang, Lu, Lo, Ly family instead of worshiping specific people. The altar put in the middle of the house preserves the ancient structure.

Ta Van Giay ethnic group in Sapa 4Apart from worshiping ancestors, the inhabitants also worship angels (not worshiping gods), including two kinds of gods – “Thu Ty” (to be god of the soild), “Sru puong” and “Dong xia” (to be forest god).









Leisure activities in cultural specificities of Ta Van Giay ethnic group

The folk art in Ta Van Giay village is rich and diverse with many fairy tales, quizzes and proverbs containing a lot of quizzes for fun, plants, household items, natural phenomena and so forth. In addition, there are also many proverbs to teach children for the social behavior. Besides, there are more than 10 wedding folk songs, more than 300 love songs and 15 songs for the wine party and so on.

Nowadays, in Ta Van Giay hamlet, there are 24 families licensed by the Lao Cai tourist and security branch for receiving tourists when they want to stay overnight.

The Van Giay Lagoon is inceasingly attractive to visitors because of not only beautiful scenery but also traditional customs. If you come to Sapa, you should visit the village to discover the culture specificities of Ta Van Giay hamlett. Wish you have a fun and exciting trip.


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