Discover Kien Giang specialties – sticky rice, mushroom and iconic vermicelli of this land


Kien Giang is a province belonging to Mekong Delta. Like other provinces in this zone, fresh organic foods is the highlight for the cuisine essence. In this article, we will discover 4 Kien Giang specialties which can conquer you at the very first taste.

Fantastic Ha Tien steamed sticky rice

Xoi Ha Tien (steamed sticky rice) is a simple dish cooked with aromatic sticky rice, so it is super fragrant when it’s done to a turn. Cooked grains are impressively ivory. Xoi Ha Tien has two types: sweet and savory. Sweet Xoi has the coconut milk and some grated coconut on top. Savoury Xoi Ha Tien hasn’t garnished too much species or protein like other places. It just has a layer of dried shrimp as toppings, but the taste is extremely powerful.

These sweet-smelling bites are so rich and irresistible.

Each package of Xoi Ha Tien is just handful. Therefore, people usually eat another package after finishing the first one.

A visitor once said: “The first time holding the package of Xoi Ha Tien on hand, I could not bring myself to munch on it because of the tiny-and-beautiful stuff. One member of my team bought another package for me to eat. And then I brought it back to Saigon just … to look at and keep as a souvenir! Don’t forget to buy a Xoi package in the morning when you come to this border region.”

Many visitors often come to enjoy this rustic dish at breakfast from many corners.

Ha Tien folks often use the delicious Thai (Vietnamese ethnic minority) sticky rice to cook, so it permeates the incredible odor ubiquitously while cooking. Xoi Ha Tien is not only delicious but also beautiful with the iridescent color, the aroma of sticky rice and the richness of coconut.

To make it well, from soaking rice to adding coconut milk has no special secret at all!. However, the cleanly meticulous method of Ha Tien locals made a normal eat more delicious.

Bun Ken

Although Ken vermicelli (Bun Ken) is quite popular in the southwest that you can still bump into Chau Doc or Phu Quoc Ken vermicelli stalls, Ha Tien bowls of this viand still earn its stripes.

Made from some types of local fish, perhaps this feature makes Ha Tien Ken vermicelli taste special compared with the others.The preparation of this specialty is not complicated, but it requires meticulousness and patience. Fresh fish are cleaned and cut into pieces ( the large ones) or kept as a whole. You have to remove skin and bone, then just crushing fish meat.

When enjoying it, you can pour little fish sauce and chili depending on your taste that will make the Ken vermicelli more mouth-watering.

After that, the fish is fried in pineapple, chili, turmeric or fresh turmeric water. At this stage, you have to use coconut water to stir-fry fish, and then add spices but not using fish sauce. When fish was cooked thoroughly, turn off the stove and add coconut sauce, you will have a pot of Ken broth is extremely delicious. To make it more attractive, the cashew oil is boiled and given in the end. Taking a half of a vermicelli bowl, a little raw vegetable, chopped paprika, raw bean sprout, basil, then Ken hot broth, sprinkling more dried shrimps milled.

Melaleuca Mushroom Phu Quoc

The big mushrooms look like the umbrella of the girls under the rain.

In the mainland, there are delicious mushrooms such as straw mushroom, Kimchi mushroom, Abalone mushroom, Shiitake mushroom. In Phu Quoc Island, we also have mushrooms not to inferior to them that is Melaleuca mushroom. In the early rainy season (around March-April lunar calendar), under the leaves layer in the fields to creating moisture and suitable conditions for this fungus flourishing. It is so lovely and small like a little tree, called mushroom bub ……

Melaleuca mushrooms are purple as mangosteens, the life cycle of this fungus is very short within a month, so they are less likely to appear in the market like others. Therefore, this fungus is priced at 100-150 thousand VND per kg.

This is a natural fungus, so people have to go to the field of Melaleuca for picking them up and bringing back in Phu Quoc Island.

The people on the island have a harmonious combination of mushrooms with fresh seafood on the island such as squid, shrimp, oysters … to create excellent mushroom melaleuca soup which is the delicious, attractive and nutritious dish for all families (when cooking, don’t forget to add blended pepper).

The mushroom soup will bring you an exciting and nutritious meal that will make you keep Phu Quoc Island in general and mushroom soup in particular in mind. Especially for those who try this soup at the first time, you will feel bitter after eating it.

Enjoying the Melaleuca mushroom soup, you will feel the sweetness of mushrooms, the aroma of pepper and if you eat with the Phu Quoc anchovy fish sauce, it will be more delicious. 

Do not worry about poisoning or anything because this is a special point of the processing and tasting. You should draw attention that reheating after you eat cooked mushroom soup will be bad for your health. The above is an introducing Melaleuca mushroom in Phu Quoc. It is hoped that we could provide some knowledge for you about Phu Quoc Island with new things to discover.

Kien Giang fish noodles – The must-eat Kien Giang specialties

This dish show how Vietnamese foods are well-balanced

Kien Giang is famous for not only its name “Pearl of the East Sea” but also its specialties when you come here. Kien Giang fish noodles are one of the dishes that distributes the name of this land.

Look at these toppings, do you need some tissues right now?

The ingredients of Kien Giang fish noodles are fatty snakeheads around the rivers or rice fields. This kind of fish will is fragrant, tough and sweet, but not soft and abrasive. Picking fish is one of the crucial elements that help to get a delicious noodle dish.

Add little chili paste to strengthen the flavour

Kien Giang fish noodles are also attractive thanks to the lightly yellow roe are rubbed on the surface. In the season without fish eggs, it will be replaced with yolks mixed with freshly chopped, crushed and steamed shrimp.

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