The Rattan Bridge in Sapa
Though not so long, this bridge has successfully lured waves of tourists coming here

The Rattan Bridge is a famous bridge that is plaited from the rattan wires crossing Muong Hoa stream. It is located about 20km south of Sapa town center.

The Rattan Bridge -an ideal destination for tourists

The Rattan Bridge in Sapa
This romantic bridge is definitely not for the faint-hearted

Going to the bridge in the foggy days from the Muong Hoa spring with high-faulting feeling when crossing the bridge. Tourists will feel like walking in the clouds and losing in the fairyland. As a result, the bridge named Rattan Bridge. It is a bridge between aesthetic and economic values when being in operation, special with tourism.

Formally, the bridge was the only bridge for inhabitants to ride from Ta Van village to the center of Sapa town in order to carry out activities of buying and selling goods. However, because of the weathering process, the bridge was downgraded. 

The rattan bridge was upgraded only for tourists

The Rattan Bridge in Sapa
The surrounding infrastructure is well-developed, so tourists can easily access this site

Because of the development of tourism industry in Sapa, the number of visitors is increasingly curious about the bridge. Therefore, a new wooden bridge has been built for people to ride. The old bridge has been upgraded only for visitors.

To cross this bridge, visitors have to be the courage because each panel is about 20cm apart, which causes dizziness when looking down. However, many visitors want to experience the feeling when crossing the bridge.

In addition, many couples choose the Rattan Bridge as a venue for taking their wedding photos. Beautiful wedding photos are handed to others, the Rattan Bridge increasingly attracts many young couples to take wedding photos. 

The Rattan Bridge street

The Rattan Bridge in Sapa
Sapa offers a wide range of lodgings, choose a comfy one and remember to visit the lovely Rattan Bridge

The Rattan Bridge street in Sapa is an old street built by French in 1905. Nowadays, the street has become an extremely crowded city with a series of restaurants and hotels.

The Rattan Bridge Hotel in Sapa street is the famous tourist destination and an excellent choice for sightseeing tourists. From here, visitors can easily see the lively beauty of Sapa town at every corner.

Resorts or hotels in Sapa also help guests to access some of the places, such as the Muong Hoa valley, Ham Rong mountain, Love market, Rock church and so forth. In this position, visitors can enjoy the fun, and buy unique souvenirs and brocade items in Bac Ha market. Especially, they also can stroll around and drink rice wine with barbecue at night. 

The sunset at the Sapa Jade Hill villa

The Rattan Bridge Hotel also has many convenient services, such as public wifi, smoking rooms, 24h front desks, coffee shops and so on, with adequate rooms. All of them provided to make sure that guests have not only a comfortable accommodation but also a memorable tour.

If you do not like the hotel, you can stay in the resorts or luxury resorts of Jade Hill & Resort in order to see the sunset sweet. You should know that you will fell the constant movement of the city, sunset in Sapa too before coming to Sapa. The sunset move subject to the rhythm of the city instead of standing.


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