Distinctive dishes of Sapa

distinctive dishes of Sapa 2

During your visits to Sapa  attractions, the query of “what to eat?” or more specifically, “what are Sapa’s specialties?” always appears in your mind. The following information would navigate your attention to the indigenous delicacies that you will never experience the same taste traversing the globe.

First thing first, do you believe that you can try out the fresh trout from net-to-table in Sapa? There are only 2 places in Vietnam (Ha Giang is the other) that can breed this fish and Sapa has been dubbed the paradise of this industry. That’s the reason why you should check it out without any hesitation when coming to Sapa. About this omnivore, its flesh is highly appreciated for the firmness and grease free. With their endless creativity, locals create many gorgeous eats with this ingredient ranging from salad, grilled or steamed trout. On top of that, one prolific dish stokes up the eagerness of even connoisseurs – hotpot. Enjoying beautiful pink pieces of trout dipped into hot soup and a cup of ruou tao meo  (tao meo wine) at hand  are the best feeling ever That you must try once in life to try!

distinctive dishes of Sapa 1Sapa trout

Another dish you must try in Sapa is made from horses, Thang Co . Thang Co was originally cooked with every parts of the animal in a giant wok without anything wasteful. This may stem from the harsh condition of the place which forces people to be frugal and able to eat everything edible. Everything from meat to blood and offal is poured at the same time and poached for hours. During that time, the staple absorbs in 12 spices including grounded lemongrass, pepper, chilli, and indigenous herbs ( thang co per se is a local herb also). The “best friend forever” with thang co is corn wine – a product of people there. There are some different versions made with pork or buffalo meat, but the original one is still the best to try.

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distinctive dishes of Sapa 2Thang co Sapa

Two kinds of proteins already, how about veggies? Some green vegetable in that place are distinctively bitter-sweet and Cai meo is outstanding (even its name suggests so, meo – the ethnic minority of Sapa). This fiber-rich veggie is praised to the skies for its hygiene standard. The best way to cook this is stir-fry with chopped chicken or beef. The bitterness associated with ginger’s fragrance and tender chunks of meat are hard to resist yourself.

distinctive dishes of Sapa 3

Cai meo Sapa

Last but not least, Sapa peach has become a delicacy for years. This fruit is not big, it has just the same size as a small tea cup but its taste is substantial. Covered in a thin velvet fruit hair, this fruit offers sweetness and a tinge of acidity in the crunchy bites to conquer the most discerning eaters. There are many different kinds of peaches there such as French peach, H’mong peach, yellow peach but commonly called as Sapa peach. Other monikers came from how people display them in the market like basket peach or mountain peach. Let yourself immerse in the strong fragrance of this fruit and enjoy the comprehensive Sapa impression through your taste.

distinctive dishes of Sapa 4

Sapa peach

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