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No matter when you go or whoever you go with, Sapa always deserves a top place in your list to check-in at least once in your life. Not only does it have cold weather and imposingly natural scenary but also a lot of beautiful and attractive coffee shops in Sapa have cute view. It is the reason why Sapa...
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Sapa Town not also attracts tourists by beautiful natural scenery from moutains and forests but also by a lot of delicious food. Nibbling crispy fishes from streams or sipping a glass of tao meo wine are some unforgettably impression about Sapa delicious foods when we travel to Sapa. Salmon - Top list of Sapa delicious foods Salmon in Sapa has some...
The Northwest is not only famous for its beautiful scenery, delicious unique dishes of ethnic groups but also many precious herbs including the tam that ( panax pseudogingsen) buds.Basic information Northwest highlands around the year covered in cloudy, fiercely cold-to-our-bone-winter. It is supposed that people and other creatures will hardly survive the extreme climate. Strangely, the Northwestern people are still...
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Lao Cai has many famous marketplaces such as Sin Chieng, Can Cau (Si Ma Cai), Coc Ly, Lung Phinh, Bac Ha (Bac Ha), Cao Son (Muong Khuong), Muong Hum, (Bat Xat) ... Coming to these markets, visitors are "knocked-down" by high-tasting regional flavors made from the skillful hands of ethnic minority people. Lao Cai highland market is a place of convergence...
Black Cake is a unique dish of Thai Muong Lo in Lang Son province. Normally, banh chung (Banh chung) is made only during Tet (Tet), but if you are lucky enough, you will still find this dish in highland markets. The special things of the black banh chung is its shape and color.Basic information Thai people wrap chung cake in...
Cooc cake - has long become an indispensable gift for young children on special holidays: Babies' full-month, full-year anniversaries ... In Tay, Cooc means cow’s horn, simply due to the pointed spike - shaped like a cow’s.Basic information Thai Nguyen is not only a land of many scenic spots, historical relics but also a place with many famous specialties. Among...
Whoever went to the Northwest and enjoyed the cuisine of the Thai people here certainly can not forget the beautiful color and fragrant flavor of purple fragrant sticky rice.Basic information On the way to Thai’s village, travelers have to go through Highway 279 and upstream Da river. The car seems to rocket on the road full of rugged rocks, which...
The Northwest has a special spice with a very special name, which is a good thing. The teppal epithet is the first Northwest cuisine, making the food here has a unique taste. Belonging to star anise family, this oily and aromatic spice has become legendary in the Northwest cuisine and an indispensable spice in the rice tray of the people...
Information Brihaspa atrostigmella or sau chit living inside the chit - the winter tree which grows wild in the north-western area of Vietnam. Nobody knows how and from when this young insect has become a specialty of this land.The yellow chrysalis is about 35mm long, they parasitize the chit trunk in winter and gnaw at it. Northwesterners often start to...
All top-list restaurants and eateries in Sapa make their way to this article! Check it out or bookmark it for future use! 1. A Quynh - Northwest specialty restaurant Address: No. 15 Thach Son Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:30 Phone: (02) 03 871 555 A Quynh is most famous for its thang co (a kind of horse hotpot), one of the unique specialties of...




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