All top-list restaurants and eateries in Sapa make their way to this article! Check it out or bookmark it for future use! 1. A Quynh - Northwest specialty restaurant Address: No. 15 Thach Son Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:30 Phone: (02) 03 871 555 A Quynh is most famous for its thang co (a kind of horse hotpot), one of the unique specialties of...
Good wines must try in Sapa
There are three iconic types of wine made from local produce such as corn, apple, and rice. These beverages enrich Sapa’s gastronomy and become signature liquids from when unknown. During Sapa tour, tourists should have some sips of this delicate liquid to lighten your conversations in the middle of the mountainous area. San Lung wine San lung wine is top...
distinctive dishes of Sapa 2
During your visits to Sapa  attractions, the query of “what to eat?” or more specifically, “what are Sapa’s specialties?” always appears in your mind. The following information would navigate your attention to the indigenous delicacies that you will never experience the same taste traversing the globe. First thing first, do you believe that you can try out the fresh trout...
Sapa cuisine 1
Among things to do to have a whale of time in Sapa – the paradise on earth, it’s indispensable to profoundly study the out-of-this-world local gastronomy there.  In this article, I will list three of most desirable specialties consisting of “heo cap nach”, “ga den” and “xoi bay mau”. These Sapa dishes will “knock-down” even the most discerning eaters...
Men men, the iconic dish of northwestern Vietnam 5
Cuisine is always the most magnetic trait of Sapa. It’s so true to say that the typical cuisine is such a quintessence between the fresh flavor of the nature and the delicate art of gastronomy of the residents, especially when thinking about many specialties such as Thang Co, sour noodle, dried water buffalo meat or hand-carried piglet dishes… but...
The legendary sausage of the northwestern Vietnam 5
Dried foods is well-known as one of the most magnetic feature of Sapa cuisine as well as the amazing cooking style. People all know the typical water buffalo meat hung in the kitchen, but most may not know the legendary sausage which raise in popularity in not only the region but also the nationwide with its unique flavor. Hung in...
Salt pork – the unique savory of Sapa cuisine 1
A visit to Sapa is apparently a food lover’s journey which is no doubt a paradise for vegan and especially for carnetarian. Come to think about that hand-carried piglet dishes is always the hottest food in the upland town. But don’t forget about many pork dish which can absolutely make you fall for from the very first try, but...
The soul of the wine in the northwestern upland 4
Talking about the northwestern Vietnam, especially Sapa area, people definitely hail their way of living in harmony with the nature not only in the daily life but also in the culinary tradition when their specialties are all homemade. Come to think about that remind people to the famous art of making wine in this land. But tourist may don’t...
What to buy in Sapa (Part 2) 2
“What I should buy as souvenir in Sapa?” if you are still asking yourself about this question, let check out the recommendations below: Fruits Sapa is the really the paradise of any fruit lover. Thank for the ideal weather condition, the residents can plant many different kind of fruit from peach to bayberry, plum and apple… all juicy, fragrant and...
“Nam chan chim”, the gift from dense frorest 3
Bac Ha weekend market is no more a secret but the magnet of the upland Sapa. This colorful market is no doubt a nice place to get closer to the culture as well as the daily life of many tribe in northwestern Vietnam. That’s absolutely true that tourist will be impressed from the very first time by the diversity...




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