The hot flavor of Muong Khuong chilli sauce 5
If you are a gourmet, you will see that there are a little secret behind the successful gastronomy of Sapa. As a matter of fact, because of the cooking style of the residents preferring to keep the most authentic flavor of food, when eating depend on personal taste people can add spices and condiments which are always available on...
The fragrant of corn in Sapa cuisine 4
Sapa is the land of the nature, the peace, the wonderful terraced rice field and the vast corn hill too. Not as beautiful and impressive as the golden cascading field, but the green, the color of freshness, of corn still has a very own charm just like its role in the regional cuisine, simple, rustic but indispensable too. The famous...
Homemade corn wine - the soul of Sapa 6
Sapa is well-known for the splendid view of terraced rice field which make tourist in no doubt fall for from the very first sight. Besides the beautiful golden of ripe rice, you can also see the fresh green of the corn field. Just like its appearance, not very stunning or special but its silent contribution in the colorful cuisine...
“Ginger meat”, the signature dish of Nung Dinh people 3
To welcome the spring, Nung Dinh people cook a lot of specialties with pork meat but the most famous dish is always “ginger meat”. “Ginger meat” is actually the local pork with ginger dish. This rustic delicacy has a very distinct flavor which become the culinary symbol of the mountainous land Sapa, specifically Nung Dinh people. This signature dish of...
Pau Plau – the must try sticky rice cake of Sapa 6
If you ask me about what make me impressive most in the foggy land of Sapa. It’s not the scenery landscapes, the colorful culture… because it’s all very well-known in the nationwide but the amazing art of cuisine already with Thang Co, dried water buffalo meat, salt pork… and this time with the most rustic and simple delicacy, the...
The secret spice of Sapa cuisne 3
Fragrant grilled meat or delicious sauce with the most exotic and unique with make tourist fall for the one of the most amazing cuisine of the northwestern area. Most people know about the famous reputation of the culinary art of Sapa, but most of them don’t know about the secret about its success, a flavorful spice, Mac Khen. In reality,...
The best dish so far of the upland Sapa 4
Thang co, dried water buffalo meat, hand-carried piglet, black chicken which food do you think become the best dish in Sapa? None of them. Yeah, you heard it right, the best dish is not any flavorful delicacy but a veggie, “Mam da”. Thank for the climate condition of Sapa, “Mam da” is a very exotic veggie that growth only in...
Sapa fruit specialties - the feast of freshness 6
Sapa is never well-known as a land of fruit as many region in southwestern Vietnam but for not only the high quality but also the diversity and of course the flavor this land became an ideal destination for fan of fruit as well as tourist who love to experience the real taste of place. Once you make a Sapa...
The quintessence of Tay cuisine through bee pupae dishes 3
Sapa is always well-known as the home of many different minority ethnics. If Hmong stand out with their famous handicraft, Red Dao with their tradition herbal bath recipe, Tay people is proud of their amazing culinary which is specifically symbolized by many bee pupae dishes. As a matter of fact, the highlight of Tay people cuisine is the ingredients all...
Grilled stream fish – a real taste of place in Sapa 6
Sapa is always well-known for its colorful gastronomy. If you are already impressed with the strong flavor of Thang co or the delicious taste of hand-carried piglet dishes, you can’t miss the real taste of place in Sapa, grilled stream fish. It is no doubt that the nature give Sapa the huge favor of not only the beautiful landscape, the...




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