The Northwest has a special spice with a very special name, which is a good thing. The teppal epithet is the first Northwest cuisine, making the food here has a unique taste. Belonging to star anise family, this oily and aromatic spice has become legendary in the Northwest cuisine and an indispensable spice in the rice tray of the people...
All top-list restaurants and eateries in Sapa make their way to this article! Check it out or bookmark it for future use! 1. A Quynh - Northwest specialty restaurant Address: No. 15 Thach Son Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:30 Phone: (02) 03 871 555 A Quynh is most famous for its thang co (a kind of horse hotpot), one of the unique specialties of...
You may have eaten grilled dishes such as roasted potatoes, grilled meat, and grilled vegetables but only at Sapa you can enjoy the famous grilled egg. Grilled food is a popular dish in Sapa. It’s quite cheap people can even pay by rice or wine. The simple shop serves a wide variety of grilled dishes such as grilled stomach, grilled...
Grilled stream fish – a real taste of place in Sapa 6
Sapa is always well-known for its colorful gastronomy. If you are already impressed with the strong flavor of Thang co or the delicious taste of hand-carried piglet dishes, you can’t miss the real taste of place in Sapa, grilled stream fish. It is no doubt that the nature give Sapa the huge favor of not only the beautiful landscape, the...
The hot flavor of Muong Khuong chilli sauce 5
If you are a gourmet, you will see that there are a little secret behind the successful gastronomy of Sapa. As a matter of fact, because of the cooking style of the residents preferring to keep the most authentic flavor of food, when eating depend on personal taste people can add spices and condiments which are always available on...
Sapa market 5
Lao Cai has many famous marketplaces such as Sin Chieng, Can Cau (Si Ma Cai), Coc Ly, Lung Phinh, Bac Ha (Bac Ha), Cao Son (Muong Khuong), Muong Hum, (Bat Xat) ... Coming to these markets, visitors are "knocked-down" by high-tasting regional flavors made from the skillful hands of ethnic minority people. Lao Cai highland market is a place of convergence...
Sapa delicacies Being a tourist town, you can find many kinds of food here like Western, Indian, and Vietnamese. However, let’s talk about the local specialties: Lon Cap Nach(direct translation: grabbing the pig around the arm)The H’mong raises a special kind of pig (or hog?) in the wild environment. When the pig weights around 7 to 10 kg, they capture...
Sapa cuisine 1
Among things to do to have a whale of time in Sapa – the paradise on earth, it’s indispensable to profoundly study the out-of-this-world local gastronomy there.  In this article, I will list three of most desirable specialties consisting of “heo cap nach”, “ga den” and “xoi bay mau”. These Sapa dishes will “knock-down” even the most discerning eaters...
Homemade corn wine - the soul of Sapa 6
Sapa is well-known for the splendid view of terraced rice field which make tourist in no doubt fall for from the very first sight. Besides the beautiful golden of ripe rice, you can also see the fresh green of the corn field. Just like its appearance, not very stunning or special but its silent contribution in the colorful cuisine...
The secret of famous cuisine in sapa 9
The unique gastronomy is no doubt the best attraction of Vietnam. Then every region from north to south supposed to typically develop a regional art of culinary. And Sapa too, this mountainous area have a secret that make local cuisine steal the heart of all tourist. Let find out what is it! 1.   Seasonal food Thank for the temperate climate, Sapa...




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