Thank for the favorable condition of climate, many kind of delicious vegetables are all too good to taste. It’s no exaggeration to say that Sapa is a paradise for any vegan with the mouthwatering vegetables dishes.

  1. Local vegetables

Talking about vegetable specialties in Sapa, we can’t miss “cai meo”. This plant is in reality a kind of wild vegetable that people don’t need to do any cultivation but just spread its seed right on the narrow land next to the fields. Therefore, if you by any chance meet a fresh edible plant growing with corn or rice in the field, you can easily tell that it’s the typical “cai meo”.


Not only famous for organic food but also a wide range of delicious vegetables like chayote bub, Chinese broccoli, peas bud. It’s no exaggeration to say that this highland town is a paradise for vegan with fresh ingredients and delicious recipes. There are soup, fried food, stir fried, boiled dish are all delicious and especially healthy.


  1. Bamboo shoot

Bamboo shoot is a very popular ingredient in Vietnamese gastronomy and Sapa too. Unlike the lowland area, the bamboo shoot in Sapa are all very small as the typically feature of wild bamboo shoot but the flavor is really a whole new thing that make you can’t forget. Inside the hard green cover is the fragrant “white stuff” featured a light sweetness mixed with a little bit bitterness which is the magnetic flavor that make people can’t help keep appetizing.

This kind of vegetable is considered as the gift of the nature which not only play an important role in local cuisine but also is an invisible connection to tighten the relationship between tribes when the season of wild bamboo shoot come. As a matter of fact, it’s such a pleasure to look at the skillful hands of women preparing this fresh ingredient.

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Just come to think about some bamboo shoot dishes can make your mouth watering. Bamboo shoot stew with pork scribes, tender and flavorful; bamboo shoot stir fried with beef, crunchy and delicious… every single recipe with bamboo shoot can be marvelous. Moreover, residents also have a very intelligent way to enhance the unique taste by pickling and drying.


  1. Wild shiitake mushroom

This beautiful mushrooms is no doubt to be a local specialty so much so that no one can leave this town without at least a pack of dried mushroom as a gift. That’s right that the usual way people treat this ingredient is to dry it. But the wild shiitake mushroom has a very strong and distinct fragrant become a very unique flavor in Sapa cuisine.


As a matter of fact, you can see that people sell dried mushroom all over Sapa market as a symbolic gift from the mountainous land. People just have to soak it in water until softened and you’ll see, the original flavor magically went nowhere. As a gourmet, tourists can make the restaurant the famous dish with mushroom bodies. After torn off the cook will stir fry it with meat and dried squish and in no time you will have a delicious meals accompanied with local vegetables boiled.


Once you come to Sapa, you will be surprised by the way people cook. It’s an art of culinary about how to enhance the very original flavors in a simple way but still create the most delicious flavors. That’s such an invisible charm of Sapa that you have to come to experience.

Sapa joins a hand to help Vietnam earn a slot among top 10 amazing trips in autumn.


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