Talking about Sapa, people talking about a colorful land which is famous as one of the most attractive destination in Vietnam. But you guess what that’s only a Sapa in the eyes of tourist, Sapa itself is only a rustic town. But you guest what a seeing thing in that way, you will unexpected receive much more from this land other than just a trip with many beautiful photograph.

First of all, to many traveler who is crazy about internet the huge problem that you may found in Sapa is wifi-free … I’m totally not a technophobe, but I really see something wrong with the modern life where people seemingly can’t live without smartphone, tablet… and wifi. Are you one of them? If the answer is “yes” you really need a natural therapy. And apparently a tour in Sapa can be marvelous this time.


Come to Sapa, you can immediately feel the distinct life style as amazing as its poetic and peaceful scenery. The breathtaking Hoang Lien mountain hidden in the clouds, the golden terraced ripe rice filed reflecting on the calm surface of the beautiful Muong Hoa stream, the green hill decorated with different shade of color of many kind of flower… all seemingly just come out from a fairy tale or a dream land that intact by the hustling bustling of modern life.


If you intend to spend your time in a luxury hotel, you simultaneously waste the most interesting part in a Sapa tour that you can experience by choosing a homestay. The commodity is not guaranteed but your trip will be absolutely more interesting. It’s just like a reality show but this time you are the guest.


When you forget about the internet and try to live as the residents by helping or just watching them in their work, you make yourself closer to the nature and of the peaceful way of life. If you are eager to learn how to do cultivation, how to collect corn, that’s great. But it’s still okay if you just have a camera and an enthusiast heart. Because in that way you can find out the simple beauty in the daily life.


A meeting or a conversation by chance with the residents will comfort you with or their interesting stories. Somehow these friendly people try to help you by becoming an amateur guide. They may not look so good, so clean after a working day on the field, the sincere smile on their face will give you a nameless emotions in your chest. That’s the beauty of sincerity.


In such a freezing temperature of Sapa in the winter, children will be children, they ignore the difficulties and enjoy every single moment in the beautiful life. And somehow, without new clothes or even shoes, these innocent children can give the most genuine sentiments which are precious than anything.

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By getting closer to life of people, you can’t help but admire their way of living in harmony with the nature. Furthermore eating, working, playing… everything can tell you about their slow life which unconsciously prove one thing you don’t need to be rich to be happy but the key is how you enjoy your life.


The true beauty is in simplicity. Don’t let the busy pace of life blindfold you as well as the technology and or anything else. Sometime, an escape is the most necessary way to live better and of course refresh yourself. Just try to make such a journey in Sapa and you will see.

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