Fansipan is in the system of Hoang Lien mountain range and also the highest mountain of Vietnam. With the altitude over 3000m above sea level, dubbed as “the Roof of Indochina”, Fansipan become the magnet of the extreme northern Vietnam with attract from tourists to backpackers and climbers in around the world.

To conquer the highest mountain in the area, it’s not only about strength, preparation but also the determination. The peak is a real challenge of the nature to human. For those who love the nature and love to challenge yourself you have to come and join the ultimate journey.

Fansipan climbing notes 1

You don’t ever know what is waiting for you. It’s okay if you love to stir your blood with a challenging mountaineering. Lack of knowledge can be more serious than you think, don’t let the difficulties block your road and put you in a dangerous situation. Let check our notes below before you go. Be an intelligent conqueror.

1. Don’t leave your team

If you don’t want to lost or missing, try to catch up with your team and keep hiking together. It’s necessary to get into small groups of people in the same strength. Don’t leave anyone alone, especially ones don’t has any experiences and there are at least two person hiking together.

Fansipan climbing notes 2

In addition, if you are not sure about a path, use something to mark on the trees such as ribbon or paint… anything.

2. Well prepare for your mountain climb

What are the necessary personal belongings? Backpack (with straps on chest and abdomen, it should be strong and fixed and can old about 3-4.5kg); shoes (the dedicated hiking shoes), sock (high neck and sweat absorbing), clothes (good elasticity and ventilation), gloves…

Then you must bring many useful gear: raincoat, sleeping bag, tents, raincoat, versatile folding knives, lighters, rope, bug repelling lotion… and especially binoculars. Furthermore, if you bring another belongings like phone, camera… all should be put on a waterproof bag.

Fansipan climbing notes 33. What to do when getting lost?

In the dense forest, path is the only way for you, muddy and small. Particularly, there are many paths leading to the mid-mountain, not the summit neither the foot of the mountain, which are made by the action of the ingenious people walking. So without a guide or a good leader, it’s easy to get lost in the middle of nature.

And that moment is time that what you prepared save your life in case of you can’t return to your track by yourself. If you are disorientated, it’s better to stay still and wait for help. On one way, this way prevent from wasting energy and climbing accidents, on another way, it’s easier for the mountain rescue team to find and save you. You have to know well every single move you are supposed to do, be intelligent and calm down.

Fansipan climbing notes 44. Be careful in face of the dangerous nature

The way leading to the peak is sometime extremely dangerous, the path is small enough to put one foot on so careless can make you fall in the deadly abyss. That’s the reason why climbing techniques are absolutely a key feature that will save your life in such a situation.

When going down the mountain, don’t walk to fast, it make you easy to fall and roll down. Remember to bend at the knees and concentrate on keeping your back perfectly balanced though the heavy back bag. If the hill-side path is too steep, let face the path and use both your hand to climb down.

Fansipan climbing notes 55. Build stamina

Physical condition is the most important luggage of a climber which help you to not giving up though the tough trip. Firstly, it’s really necessary to train yourself many essential exercise for mountain climbing to improve your cardio, strength and flexibility.

If you don’t plan a proper training routine, at least you should spend about 30-60 minutes every day taking exercises such as running accompanied with squat, push-up… And remember you have the heavy luggage with you so try jogging with about 5 kg on your shoulder…

Fansipan climbing notes 6

Remember that “it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”. Let conquer the queens of mountains in Vietnam.




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