Sapa is the land of the nature, the peace, the wonderful terraced rice field and the vast corn hill too. Not as beautiful and impressive as the golden cascading field, but the green, the color of freshness, of corn still has a very own charm just like its role in the regional cuisine, simple, rustic but indispensable too.

The famous corn wine already rose in popularity with its pure flavor and distinct fragrance. But not just that, tourist can easily meet many delicious specialties of corn with contribute to the success of the delicate gastronomy of Sapa and even the northwestern Vietnam.


Besides men men, one of the favorite corn delicacy is nothing different from corn cake, simple but delicious. Unlike the strong flavor of the wine, the charm of this food is nothing different from the impressive fragrant of corn which explode in your mouth in the very first taste.

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“Pau po cu”, the name of this dish in tribal language, is made from young corn flower or young corn seeds chopped, it’s just depend on the cook. Then adding some wild aroma leaves and a lot of spices? No, not at all for the authentic and fresh taste just a little bit of salt is enough and then fry it in a hot pan covered by a wild leaf.

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Sweet and sticky, this delicious cake bring a very specific color and fragrant of corn. It’s not exaggeration to say that the simples is the key of this rustic food, both the ingredient and the cooking style. In reality, if you get closer to the daily life of the residents, you will learn this is a very popular dish. People eat corn cake, sometimes as a main dish in their principal meal sometimes a side dish in the field after working hours, or even a dessert in a conservation with neighbor…

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If you love walking, let visit around Sapa market or any typical market in the mountainous land at night. And you will see it’s lovely to meet a small food stall where the owner grill some corn cake or the whole corn on the red charcoal. Find for yourself a seat and profit the warm while waiting for tasting the delicious and hot corn cake. A good bite of tasty grilled corn, and lively conversation with the residents, a sip of homemade wine… and an unforgettable night.


Corn always play such a huge role in the gastronomy of not only Sapa or the northwestern Vietnam, but the whole country. The more you travel in this country the more you learn how big it is in about the culture, and of course the culinary culture. If you are in still on discover mood, don’t hesitate to try Sapa delicacies and these too.

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