To welcome the spring, Nung Dinh people cook a lot of specialties with pork meat but the most famous dish is always “ginger meat”. “Ginger meat” is actually the local pork with ginger dish. This rustic delicacy has a very distinct flavor which become the culinary symbol of the mountainous land Sapa, specifically Nung Dinh people.

This signature dish of Nung Dinh people has a very unique recipe. Instead of using meat as leg, shoulder, belly… people use all kind of bone as the main ingredient as cribs, backbone… which are directly chopped into very small pieces without washing with water. Then mix with a lot of crushed ginger which are already got rid of the juice.


After well mixed with a bit of homemade corn wine to keep all the ingredients fresh and of course the flavor unchangeable. Then they stuff all the mix in a glazed vase and add water. But they have to make sure the stability of the temperature or the color will change. The final step is to tightly cover the jar with a piece of plastic. Voila, this “ginger meat” is ready for residents to cook anytime.

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As many specialties dishes, Ginger meat can give us a general view about the art of cooking of ethnics people and the mountainous land as well. Just Like Thang Co or Nam Pia, not wash with water before cooking can be considered as the key secret. In reality, in that way the nutrition can all be preserve and of course the typical flavor as well. Moreover, if Mac Khen play such an important role in the recipe of a lot of meat dishes, ginger in this time is the main aroma ingredient. Somehow, that’s the culinary art of Nung Dinh people through the intelligent combination of natural spices, of authentic taste.

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Steam or slow cook are the popular cooking style to make the best flavor of this specific food. By adding a little wild aroma leaves and pepper, your mouth will water nonstop just by looking at the beautiful brown of meat and feeling the attractive fragrant of the dish. As a matter of fact, just the sauce can make you crazy with such an explosion of flavor in your mouth. And this dish no doubt go well with rice with its savory.

“Ginger meat” is generally a winter dish of Nung Dinh people, especially in Tet, so if you visit Bac Ha market in these occasion, don’t waste such a nice chance to try a taste. Then you can’t help but become a fan of this delicious dish with the natural sweetness from bone, the strong flavor of ginger and of course the distinct fragrant of homemade corn wine. Come to the land of colorful cuisine, you definitely have to taste this flavorful dish or it’s will be the biggest mistake in your journey in Sapa.

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If you have the nerve to try a taste of Thang Co, then why are you hesitating about such an attractive specialty?

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