Special Sapa wines should try

Good wines must try in Sapa

There are three iconic types of wine made from local produce such as corn, apple, and rice. These beverages enrich Sapa’s gastronomy and become signature liquids from when unknown. During Sapa tour, tourists should have some sips of these Sapa wines to lighten your conversations in the middle of the mountainous area.

  1. San Lung wine – On the top list of Sapa wines

San lung wine is top spot worthy. There are just 40 families living in that area but all of them know how to produce this fragrant alcohol. The staple for this is rice of hilly area and a wild leaf acts as the catalyst. No matter how much you drink, you will never feel dizzy. With skillful hands, women of this area have been in charge of making this transparent spirits. The better wine a girl can make, the more men want to become her husband. San Lung wine is used in rituals, for praying or spending the night with your friends till three sheets in the wind. It is believed that if we drink that wine in the morning, we will have super strength from saints and we use this drink in the evening to enhance our bonds with friends. The winemaking process is super complicated. People brew rice with 15 kinds of herbs with potent medicinal properties to cure common ailments such as a headache, cold, flu, etc. Thanks to its alluring fragrance, curing benefits and home-run brewing, this is definitely a must-try drink in Sapa.

Good wines must try in Sapa 1

San Lung wine

  1. Ban Pho wine

This beverage has been made of corn – Sapa’s special corn. Small, soft and nutrition-rich kernels from fields cultivated in high altitude bring to life best drops of hootch. After harvesting, corn is left untouched and dried for 2 days. After that, these staples are gently hung almost everywhere in the house to gradually cook. The catalyst for this wine is another kind of local-made, hong mi. Hong mi – The alluring yeast of Sapa wines – which has almost the same size with black pepper, has been through steps of a unique formula to fulfill their vital mission in the winemaking process. Kernels are boiled multiple times until slightly burst, then hong mi catalyst will do the work. These steps result in a flawless drink used for casual meetings as well as too-good-to-be-true souvenirs.

Good wines must try in Sapa 2

Ban Pho wine

  1. Tao meo wine

This fruit wine is made from local apples – tao meo. This well-known liquor has another cute name – love wine. Unmarried couples drink this together as a symbol of engagement. Give it a shot, and you will easily understand that the bitterness at first gulp and sweetness aftertaste are impeccably describing true love. Weird as it may sound, the more maggots an apple has, the better taste it can offer for this wine! Besides of its outstanding taste, this wine has proved itself as an amazing medicine for mental-related issues such as insomnia, dizziness, and hypertension. One combination you will die for trying in Sapa land is trout hotpot and tao meo wine. The warmness this couple brings to you is best suited in the middle of the cold mountainous zone. This definitely the unique liquor in the map of Sapa wines.

Good wines must try in Sapa 3

Tao meo wine

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