Grilled black chicken- A delicious typical dish of Sapa

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Grilled black chicken is one of the most famous dishes in Vietnam. It attaches to name of Sapa – the emerging tourism spot in Vietnam. Grilled black chicken has a so seductive flavor that none of the tourists can ignore this specialty.

Basic information

The black chickens are not so big. Each only weighs about 1.2 kg. As its name suggests, the black chicken has the pure pitch black features. In Sapa, this genre of bird is known as not only a favorite food but also a potent medicine.

Some dish made of black chicken

Nothing else but black when it comes to this iconic critter

Black chicken can be cooked into many different dishes such as fry, parboil or marinate. However, the black chicken is baked with honey is the most popular. This type of honey bees is not the ones manually fed in houses; however, it is far-flung in deep forest. The honey in the forest has a mild sweet flavor.

Cooking process

First of all, a chicken must be preliminarily treated: removing its plumes and keeping its meat intact. Secondly, people cover the chicken with honey entirely then stuff citronella inside. After that, it is kept about 30 minutes before baking. Finally, it’s time to bake the chicken. They keep black chicken being baked from 1 to 2 hours until whole chicken shrinks slightly and aromatically. At this point, you only need to garnish the dish attractively enjoy the feat.


It is scintillating to witness this: chicken above, eggs belove

Although the black chicken is quite small, its flesh is super tasty and it is also crispy all the way to its bones. It is very seducing, isn’t it?  As chicken is carefully seasoned associated with layers of honey, it has all tastes running the gamut from spicy to sweet. If you visit Sapa and by one way or another, you don’t have the opportunity to taste it, that is a huge loss. Once you have a bite, you will never forget this flavorsome foodstuff.

Side dishes

When tasting black chicken you should eat with mint and special soup which is cooked by people in Sapa. And it’s really wonderful to drink “Sán Lùng ’’ wine in the meantime. This is a precious alcohol of Sapa. It is even regarded as the alcohol from above. When you eat black chicken and drink “Sán Lùng ’’ alcohol simultaneously, you can feel the words-fail-to-express feeling.

Baked-black-chicken-sapa-luxury-travel-3 (3)
This bird brings to life many delicious and nutritious dishes

I believe that you are very eager to visit Sapa after reading this post. Then let’s book a tour to Sapa and have memorable experiences.

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