Sapa’s flavor – Black chickens grilled with honey

The hard-to-resist grilled black chickens

Travelling to Sapa in winter, when the weather is always below 3 degrees, barbecue seems to be a great choice for tourists. Among many grilled foods in Sapa, perhaps “Black chickens grilled with honey” is the most wonderful dish not only because of the special color but also because of its unforgettable taste.

Things to know of black chickens

Black chickens, also known as evil chickens is a special type of chicken with skin, meat and bone are all black, each weighing just 1.2kg. Strong meat, delicious, crispy skin gives the user a very exciting feeling. Black chickens in Sapa are not only known as a favorite dish but also known for many uses in the field of medicine. Studies have shown that black chickens have valuable medicinal properties in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Sapa’s flavor – Black chickens grilled with honey
Just a tinge of pink on the bird’s cockscomb

Black chickens can be processed into many delicious dishes such as fried, steamed, boiled but the best dish is grilled black chicken with honey sauce. The honey to grilled black chicken is not normal honey that made by people, but the forest honey was brought by the ethnic people, honey forest sweet and fragrant mountain forests are very special.

Chicken marinated well with spices, then spread on a layer of golden honey. Even wet soaked should also be experienced. Because if the honey is less, the food will be lacked bold flavor. If there is too much honey, the chicken will burn on the furnace bar and taste very bitter. Grilled it with charcoal, pieces of meat smell sweet, the fire of charcoal makes you warm and the smell makes you hungry. Then dot chicken pieces with lemon salt to eat together, the sweet feeling from the tip of the tongue spread all over the body.

Sapa’s flavor – Black chickens grilled with honey
It is black all the way to its core

This dish sip with a special wine of Sapa will lead to a Big Bang in your mouth!

Heo cap nach – Armpit pig is another delicacy of Sapa 

When it comes to Sapa specialties, it is a huge miss not to mention heo cap nach (armpit pig). Another semi-wild protein of Sapa people is highly appreciated by many people besides Black chickens. These four-leg critters are super small – about 20-25kg. People carry them in their armpit to marketplace hence born the name. The flesh of these pigs are extremely fragrant and sweet since they are not mass-farmed but free-range ones. Because people in Sapa do not breed many of them so the charge is quite steep, but it’w worth every penny!

Where to eat “Grilled black chicken with honey sauce” in Sapa?

Sapa’s flavor – Black chickens grilled with honey
The final status of this delicacy

Throughout the town, every place has restaurants and they grow very close. Every restaurant has a barbecue, especially “Grilled black chicken”. However, if you want to enjoy the real, please visit the following places:

  1. Sapa lake area
  2. The road to Sapa market – Cau May street
  3. Sapa market
  4. Sapa cuisine
  5. Especially the Sapa love market (only held on Saturday and Sunday)
Sapa’s flavor – Black chickens grilled with honey
Over there, the black mass on the vivid menu is what we are talking about


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