Sapa is always well-known for its colorful gastronomy. If you are already impressed with the strong flavor of Thang co or the delicious taste of hand-carried piglet dishes, you can’t miss the real taste of place in Sapa, grilled stream fish.

It is no doubt that the nature give Sapa the huge favor of not only the beautiful landscape, the comfortable climate condition but also the limitless natural gifts. Don’t just because you’re so drunk with the splendid beauty of mountains, of terraced rice filed and forget the remarkable fluvial scenery of this upland.


There are many big stream contributing to the flawless peaceful ambiance of Sapa like Muong Hoa, Muong Tien… Not calm as river in the plain, in this plateau sometimes the water nicely flows through the fields but sometimes fiercely runs over rocks but still enriched by a wide variety of fish which silently play a crucial role in the local gastronomy.

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Unlike the cooking style of people living in plains, they don’t make any stewed or steamed fish dishes. As a matter of fact, stream fish are not big and has a lot of fish bones, therefore the residents supposed to deep fry them until they are crunchy enough for people to eat the whole fish with fish bones included. The greasiness of the head, the sweetness of fish meat are all hot and crunchy when accompanied with a delicious fish sauce mixed with pepper, chilli and many local aroma plants, it’s such an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

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That’s all? No, not at all. The real taste of place is waiting for you. Watch people catching fish is unexpectedly an incredible experience. But if you can’t admire this step, it’s okay. Just make sure that you have the chance to sitting next to the fire and grill the very fresh stream fish by your own. That’s the real deal. But attention, the cooking process is not very “comfortable” because your stomach will be punish by the attractive fragrant of grilled fish which absolutely make your mouth watering nonstop.


Then about the flavor, it’s a secret waiting for you to discover. But, trust me, the amazing flavor will keep your mouth busy with eating. Local people are always crazy about the taste of fish intestine, how about you?

Where to go in Vietnam – Sapa richly deserves a place in top spots.

A fairy Sapa in winter


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