Hang Pho Temple in Sapa


Spiritual tourism, nowadays, has become a trend that visitors are interested in, which is clearly proved by the number of tourists registered Sapa – Ho Chi Minh City tours every year. The temple is one of the most sacred of worship in Sapa. With an extremely favorable location, the temple is located in the heart of the town, so it is very convenient for visitors to visit the Hang Pho Temple.

Location of Hang Pho temple

When traveling to Sapa, travelers don’t have to spend too much time and effort to arrive at the City Street. The Hang Pho temple is located at No. 32, Fansipan Road, Group 8, Sapa Town. Then, you can continuously visit the journey to explore the H’mong village in Cat Cat village because the temple is located on the same route of the tourist site.

The central market of the town is located next to the temple, about 50 meters to the left, so it is suitable for visitors in need of buying fruit and candy to incense. In addition, there is a traditional medicine clinic next to the temple, so you can visit and buy some restorative as a gift to friends and relatives.

The origin of the name “ Hang Pho”

Hang Pho TempleThe temple is named “ Hang Pho” because it, formerly,  is a place to gather in order to trade a variety of goods. Its perspective is extremely busy and bustling, which creates a rare flourishing. As a result, when the construction works were built, people had taken the name “Hang Pho”. Some of the documents also mention other names such as Pho Khach, Pho An Nam and so forth.

According to the legend and history, in September 1257, the Mongolian army troop to invade our country. In this endangered situation, the Quy Hoa camp manager gave a person who reported information to the court for dealing with this situation. At that time, King Tran Hung Dao immediately ordered the whole of the military to repair weapons. At the same time, he maneuvered troops in the border area to fight foreign invaders.

Hang Pho temple is in association with the fight against foreign invaders of King Tran Hung Dao

Hang Pho TempleIt is a very hard battle and strenuous work. They have won the very glorious victory by the skillful guidance of Tran Hung Dao and bravery of citizens and troops. In that victory, there is a significant contribution of Lao Cai inhabitants in the border area.

To remember their merit, the inhabitants celebrated Duc Thanh Tran holiday on August 20th of the lunar calendar.

The temple, nowadays, has become spiritual architecture works of great significance with local people. In addition, it is a tourist destination with the abundance of visitors wants to visit once in their life.

The Hang Pho temple has an important role and significance in the spiritual life of inhabitants in the North West

Onn August 20th in every lunar year, the Duc Thanh Tran worship was held solemnly under the manner of the ancient royal court, which attracts the attention of many visitors wanting to learn the rituals which only the king and officials can admire.

In addition, many people come here to pray for blessings for their families, their loved ones and themselves because they believe that the saint in this temple is sacred.

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