If you are a gourmet, you will see that there are a little secret behind the successful gastronomy of Sapa. As a matter of fact, because of the cooking style of the residents preferring to keep the most authentic flavor of food, when eating depend on personal taste people can add spices and condiments which are always available on the table. Salt, fish sauce… of course the most important chilli sauce, the famous specialty of Muong Khuong.


In a visit around Bac Ha market, it’s easy for anyone to be impressed by the the colorful charm of this weekend market, the green of fresh vegetables, the white of bamboo shoot, the yellow of men men… but the most eye-catching is nothing diferent from the hot red of chilli. You can find there from fresh to dried chilli, chilli powder to chilli paste… but the most popular is absolutely chilli sauce, the trademark of Muong Khuong.


The legendary chilli sauce of Muong Khuong is made from the local chilli called “ot thoc”, small but spice and fragrant. Because of the typical condition of the weather, “ot thoc” has a very unique flavor unlike the ordinary one from the plain region. This fact contribute to make this sauce rise in popularity in not only the northwestern region but also the whole country.


In the past people reserve chilli by drying it in the sun then leaving it hung on the kitchen. But time after time, thank for the creative mind and the culinary art, people know to make chilli sauce combined with a lot of typical aroma plants of the region with such as dill, coriander, cinnamon, garlic…

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In fact, how to make Muong Khuong chilli sauce is not the question about technique or skills but just the patience. But first of all, the most important element is always ingredients in high quality which determine if the flavor is good or not. Not just the chilli, people must also guarantee the quality of any aroma plants.

Especially, this hot sauce prove again how delicate ethnic people is. Once you have a chance to taste this homemade you will fall for its flavorful taste, such an explosion of flavors in the mouth. With more than ten kind of spices and especially homemade wine, the sauce is really indescribable.


Chilli sauce join the daily meals, the festival feast, and the wedding party… every single meal of the residents. It brings the flavor to life of ethnic people and make the local cuisine more and more famous. Muong Khuong chilli sauce is no more a condiment but a special trait of people in the mountainous land.


Many fan of this hot sauce admitted that they can’t eat anything without it. Furthermore, in the winter, chilli sauce seems are supposed to comfort people in such a freezing temperature of the mountainous land. A good bite of sour pho with a little bit of hot sauce can warm the whole body up, such a satisfying experiences that no one can resist.

It’s not exaggeration to say that Muong Khuong chilli sauce play such an indispensable part in Sapa cuisine, so don’t forget to give it a try in your travel in the city of fog and clouds.

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