Information to know of Sapa – the wonder land


Sapa attractions are emerging as the most latent places to visit during your journey in Vietnam. In order to help you gather initial must-know facts about this land, this article will outline the most popular ones. Check it out!

First of all, its location is note-worthy. Located in the northwest area of Vietnam, it is thought by many that Sapa has tropical monsoon climate. But in fact, it’s in temperate zone resulting from its high altitude (about 1,600 m over sea level). Thus it offers the year-round cool atmosphere with the average of 15 degrees Celsius. This is the outstanding point which helps Sapa attract thousands of tourists on a regular basis. Once you decide to visit there, it is necessary to buy thick coat and scarf or else you will die of cold at night. Based on that fact, we won’t be shocked to know that this is one of only a few places in Vietnam to have snowfall.

Information to know of Sapa 1

Sapa in white snow

Speaking about the origin, this place was discovered in 1903 by French in their quest to update highland’s statistic of population. The huge potential of this land was kept an eye on and end up an uprising tourism destination nowadays. The word Sapa itself means “alluvial land” which indicates the area where former folks exchanged daily stuff.

Information to know of Sapa 2

A pristine Sapa

After 2 general knowledge of location and origin, the following list will show you unique points of this venue and this will urge those who have itchy feet to explore it in no time.

 Fansipan mountain

Vietnamese always take pride in this spot dubbed the roof of Indochina ( Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). The floral and fauna ranging from earth surface to summit of this terrain are strikingly various. Taking a 2-day trekking to the top, tourists will stare in awe by different colorful plants and chirps of wild birds. It’s ideal to challenge yourself as well as strengthen your friendship during group’s climbing.

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Information to know of Sapa 3

Fanxipan mountain

Sapa ancient stone church

Besides tourism, travelers also set foot there to visit a well-known stone church originated in the last century. It is the special religious site built by French prior to 2 major wars in Vietnam. Incredibly, it stayed almost intact during wartime and after some minor restoration, people of today can witness the nearly exact French designs on the walls, doors or ceiling. It is exceptional to know that one of the ingredients in the building mixture was molasses. That sweet syrup had the ominous power to help the church stand the test of time! Is there anybody don’t want to stare immensely at that site’s cracks to admire that amazing grout?

Information to know of Sapa 4

Sapa stone church

Muong Hoa Valley

There are 196 big stones with ancient inscriptions and various symbols still remaining mysterious. This has been ranked as Vietnamese vestige and aims at the world-level also. Are you good at guessing or confident in your genius mind? Do you want to make some astounding discoveries before all talented scientists? Let’s make the way there to solve the century’s riddle together.

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Muong Hoa Valley


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