Not noisy as Sapa, Bac Ha attract tourists with the authentic beauty, with its cultural values ​​intact.


Bac Ha is a northeastern district of Lao Cai Province, about 300 km from Hanoi.


Tourists come to Bac Ha to explore the majestic natural landscape.


Not as exciting as Sapa or Ha Giang, Bac Ha attracts visitors by the simple, rustic features.


Besides the gorgeous flowery valley Thai Giang and the unique Bac Ha Market, Bac Ha also has other beautiful destinations such as Hoang A Tuong Palace, Bac Ha Temple, Pho village, Hoang Thu Pho quarter, Night Market …


Currently, the coach system between Ha Noi and Bac Ha is very easy. You can book a bus ticket at the bus station for about 270,000 VND per person.


Bac Ha has many homestay where you can taste the local specialties.


Bac Ha Night Market is held every Saturday evening. Visitors often choose the weekend to experience all the cultural characteristics of the people.


Bac Ha night market takes place at the central market with the activities of local ethnic such as dance, dancing, singing … which attract a lot of tourists to participate.


Besides the night market, the weekend fair also held once a week on Sundays. This is the largest and most famous market of the region.


Bac Ha market is not just a place to buy and sell, but also focus on the quintessence and cultural characteristics of ethnic people living there. In addition to ethnic people, the market also attracts a lot of tourists to visit and shopping.


The market is divided into several areas, including handicraft, furniture, poultry, cattle, especially horse market … which create the unique features for the Bac Ha market.


In the breakfast area, you will be attracted by the aromatic scent of the colorful glutinous rice stew. There are also sticky rice cake, corn, boiled sweet potatoes … and especially Thang co.


The Hmong and Dao ethnic dress colorful clothes decorating the market. Someone go with their dog, someone bring a basket… Each one brings a little color to a busy market.


You can also find everything from household items to affordable agricultural tools.


The cattle market attracts a lot of people. Healthy buffalo gathered all there.


Clothing corner is always busy. This is a popular souvenir that many tourists choose to buy as gifts.


The hilarious sounds emanate from the instrumental sales.


Birdwatchers wading down from there to visit this market. They can choose for themselves the precious birds are caught from the wild.


The market is also a nice place for ethnic minority come to have fun, meet after hard working days, they drink wine, sing, eat and play cock fighting…


The unique thing of the Bac Ha market to be compared to other markets is a separate area for selling and buying horses. Each market has hundreds of horses traded.


Information to know of Sapa – the wonder land

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