Islets attract visitors to Thái Bình

Visitors to Đen Islet in Thái Bình Province. — VNS File Photo
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THÁI BÌNH —Though Thái Bình is not yet a well-known beach destination on Việt Nnam’s tourism map, the northern province boasts of fantastic islets, which are arousing the interest of many local and foreign visitors and those with a passion for the sea.

Cồn Đen (Black Islet), Cồn Thụ (Thụ Islet), and Cồn Vành (Vành Islet) are among the most impressive and beckon travellers longing for a tranquil place with lovely landscapes where they can also beat the scorching summer heat.

At day break and dusk, the picturesque islets take on a shimmering beauty, making them even more charming in the eyes of visitors. — VNS

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