The earth laughs in flowers” so don’t you miss a chance to visit Sapa to get lost in the land of flowers. Let continue to find out what are waiting for you to discover:

  1. Wild water-rail

Located at the foot of the queen of the mountains in Vietnam – Fansipan Mountain, Hoang Lien national park is well-known as “the kingdom” of wild water-rail with a lot of species, sizes, colors… furthermore, there is a group of 300-year-old water-rail which is recognized as national heritage trees of Vietnam.

The land of flowers (Part 2) 1

About March to April, you can admire the magnetic beauty of water-rail at every corner in Sapa highlands. If you are eager to see the forest full of colors decorated by many beautiful wild flower, let take a seat in the cable car for a panorama of the splendid nature from the altitude more than 2000 meters.

The land of flowers (Part 2) 2

But if you want to directly touch the fragrant flower, you must choose to conquer Fansipan Mount by an incredible mountain climbing. the journey if tough but the reward is indescribable, it’s about to immerse yourself in the middle of the nature, to listen to the melodies of the forest, to take a deep breath of  fresh air and to admire the colorful performance of the nature though the beautiful shades of Water-rail red, pink, purple, white…

The land of flowers (Part 2) 3

  1. Rapeseed flower

Contrary to the impressive beauty of wild water-rail, rapeseed flower still make people fall for its rustic and simple charm. The nature starts to cover itself with the yellow color of rapeseed flower from the beginning of winter when the temperature lightly go down and the whole mountainous region blanketed by cool fog.

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The land of flowers (Part 2) 4

To the ingenious people, the season of this little flower is the signal of the nature for a new rice harvest. On the field, it’s easy to see everyone working hard on the golden field in such a lively but peaceful ambiance.

The land of flowers (Part 2) 5

Not only growing on the edge of the field, next to the path… but the flowers also beautifully contribute to life and art of nature, the yellow field rapeseed flowers. To admire this wonderful masterpiece of Mother Nature, let come to Cat Cat village to to see the yellow flowers brightening up the whole rustic scenery…

The land of flowers (Part 2) 6

  1. Peach blossom

After the freezing winter time of the upland, when the sunlight spreading over the whole mountains and the temperature getting warmer is the season of peach blossom.

The land of flowers (Part 2) 7

Peach blossom in Sapa has a very unique charm of the old peach tree with the pink petals contrary to the brown trunk covered with moss. From the town to Ta Van village, Ta Phịn village, Ham Rong Mount… or in the forest, along the street, next to the gate or in the backyard… the pink flowers are everywhere in to be found.

The land of flowers (Part 2) 8

It come to decorate the simple life of the minority groups, be a part of their culture and to be the place where children play around, where the family some together and enjoy the springtime after the hardworking time on the field.

The land of flowers (Part 2) 9

  1. Plum blossom

Spring is also the season of plum blossom which not has an attractive shade of pink like peach blossom but still wonderful in its own way with the color of purity, white, just like the color of clouds, of snow…

The land of flowers (Part 2) 10

In the morning, the white flower getting wet with fog turn into transparent under the sunlight in the morning. If the lovely shade of peach blossom can warm up the whole mountainous region, the perfectly white of plum blossom will be a great retreat to for you to cool out.

The land of flowers (Part 2) 11

By go for a walk in the garden full of plum, you will feel like visiting a dream land. The plum tree is not so tall, so you can easily feel the flower is everywhere around your, right on your shoulder, on your head… and every time the wind come by, the petals fall slowly in the air until touch the ground and your soul too.

The land of flowers (Part 2) 12

Sapa, the land of flowers is waiting for you, let come and see!

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