Lao Cai is one of the provinces having good policies in preserving traditional handicrafts of ethnic minority people. The fact that flax growing and weaving model is one of many community-based poverty alleviation models has been developed of late. Brocade weaving not only helps people escape poverty but also contribute to the preservation of traditional crafts.Create stable jobs for people Ta...
The Thrillist site names such treasures as the mysterious and best preserved in Asia, including the village of Y Ty, Sapa Vietnam.Y Ty, Vietnam With breathtaking views of the rugged mountain ranges, shining colors of terraced fields in the harvest season, Y Ty is a destination for visitors to experience the rustic countryside. You can also talk with local people,...
Panax pseudoginseng is a species of the genus Panax. Common names include Pseudoginseng, Nepal ginseng, and Himalayan ginseng. Pseudoginseng belongs to the same scientific genus as ginseng.1. This medicine's background In Latin, the word Panax means "cure-all", and the family of ginseng plants is one of the best-known herbs. Panax pseudoginseng is not an adaptogen like the better known Panax...
The Hoang Lien Rescue Center has received two rare golden monkey species donated by the people of Lao Cai city to Hoang Lien National Park. According to Hoang Lien (Sa Pa) National Park, two female golden monkeys are one rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) and one pig-tailed monkey (Macaca Leonia) 4 kg each.These two monkeys are precious rare animals listed in...
There are many places in the world that are so far out and interesting that people are thought not to survive there. With the traits that are only in fairy tales, the villages below are quite real and cause us surprise much. 1.  Aogashima Island The villagers on Aogashima Island are considered extremely brave when they have a life almost separated from...
When we are about to call it a year, Sapa will be covered in the alluring white from the summit to the lowland. To visitors, playing with snow or simply enjoy the “freaking” cold of Sapa weather this time will bring the unique feeling for them.Sapa mountain at the end of the year Sapa mountain covering with light pink and...
Vietnam welcomed more than 9.4 million international tourists in the first nine months of 2017, a year-on-year rise of 28.4 percent.Foreign tourists visit One-pillar Pagoda, a well-known attraction in Hanoi.  Meanwhile the number of domestic visitors hit 57.9 million in January-September.The tourism sector grossed 376 trillion VND (16.54 billion USD) in revenue, up 26.5 percent against the same period last...
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Right now, at the beginning of autumn - the "golden season", it is the best time of year to visit Sapa destinations. Sapa terraced fields are selected by Travel and Leisure Travel Magazine as one of the seven most spectacular terraces in Asia. Here are some suggestions to help you see the full rice harvest season in this foggy town.Muong...
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The news of the first 5-star hotel in the peak of Vietnam really stirs up your wanderlust. For further information about this marvelous place, please check out the below article. This should be the top priority during your Sapa tours.On September 21, CTX Holdings organized the opening of PAO's Sapa Leisure Hotel in Sapa Town, Lao Cai.Open first 5-star...
Sapa terrace race 2017 1
At this event, Vietnam has two nominees for the 100km male championship and many celebrities including British Ambassador in Vietnam, writer Trang Ha, MC Thuy Dung, actor Hoang My and judge Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 Huong Giang.The race’s history Organized initially in 2013 by the Topas Travel Company, Vietnam Mountain Marathon (VMM) has been increased the number of 200 participants...




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