If you are eager for finding a real heaven of peace and serenity for your journey, Muong Hoa valley is absolutely what you are looking for. A simple beauty that can steal your heart at the very first sight is something people can describe about this beautiful valley.


In the middle of the mountainous land Sapa, Muong Hoa valley surrounded by many wonderful mountains give us an example for art of nature with a surreal beauty in comparison to the urban life.


Located about just 8km from Sapa town, but the trek is not easy at all with such winding road in the mountains. But once you come to this beautiful valley, you have to admit that your effort is all worth for that moment. 

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Besides the magnificent scenery, Muong Hoa valley hide an ancient rock field which will attract you with its mysterious features. More than hundred giant rocks carved with enigmatic signs. This national heritage is such a highlight in this pristine land.


The valley is covered by the beautiful shade of green and yellow to become an incredible palette or especially a natural mosaic. No one can resist from the beauty of nature and this spectacular scenery too.

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The winds in the valley will shift from up to down valley with the fragrance of plants, of rice, of flower… will caress you soul and calm you head. Just standing and admiring the vast field is simple a way of enjoying life. That’s a moment for you to relax not only your body but your mind with this splendid view. Such a feast to your eyes.

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Addition to that picture is the peaceful flux of Suoi Hoa (Flower Stream). Looking at the shadow of rice field reflected on the crystal water surface sparkling under the sun.


Right on the long stream is the famous Cau May (Cloud Bridge) where you can see boys and girls coming to play and to be together on the edge of the stream.


By passing this typical bridge, you can experience an amazing feelings just like walking in the air.


Muong Hoa valley is home for many ethnic minorities living in harmony with the nature. Therefore, don’t hesitate to learn about the unique tradition and exotic culture of local people by joining them in social activities (dancing, singing and also playing traditional games)


It’s no exaggeration to say that the wonderful beauty of Muong Hoa valley is real therapy for someone who want to escape from the busy pace of modern life. Nature is the art of God so be an eager art lover.

Sapa joins a hand to help Vietnam earn a slot among top 10 amazing trips in autumn.


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