To all tourists who come all the way to the northwestern of Vietnam, without a visit to Muong Hum market your journey can’t be completely successful. Once come to this place you will learn how interesting it is, then don’t forget to come by this colorful market.

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Located in the extreme northern of the country, Muong Hum stand out to be the most attractive destination in the Bat Xat community. Every Sunday, residents and ethnic people from the village nearby all are eager to participate in the lively ambiance and busy rhythm of trading activities of this authentic weekend market which remain the features of a colorful market in the upland.

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Muong Hum market – the magnetic weekend market 1

Siting in the small valley right next to a transparent gentle stream, Muong Hum market is surrounded by the nature with breathtaking mountains, high hills… to make such a stunning scenery, an art of God. To come to Muong Hum, tourists have to surpass many challenges of Mother Nature, fortunately, for your effort the stunning view from the high pass can be considered as a wonderful reward.

In the heart of the town, there still remains a lot of French-style old which remind people about a sad period in history. By walking along the main street, the town appears as an ancient village with many traditional house featured with the old red thatched roof covered with green moss.

Muong Hum market – the magnetic weekend market 3Muong Hum market – the magnetic weekend market 2

People can even feel the hustling bustling pace of life in the market from far away. A lot of ethnic people in their beautiful traditional clothes, Hmong girls in colorful dresses, Red Dao with the eye-catching accessories on the head, Thai women beautiful in shade of typical indigo… Looking closer, they all bring their merchandise in their bamboo basket on the back, some brings agricultural products, and another brings handicraft or homemade wine… everything.

Muong Hum market – the magnetic weekend market 4

Just looking at their smiley and enthusiastic faces you can tell how much they love to visit this weekend market, to sale things, to exchange foods… but probably to meet friend and to enjoy the ambiance. That’s right, the market is also a place for everybody to have fun. When men love eating thang co and drinking corn wine together, women intend to buy for their children and themselves some new clothes.

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Muong Hum market – the magnetic weekend market 5

Besides, thank for the location right next to the poetic stream, Muong Hum market become a nice place to find a partner for life. That’s why the young are supposed to dress up with their most beautiful clothes. Somehow the stream become the silent witness for the confession and the vow of love of many young couples.

Muong Hum market – the magnetic weekend market 6

And on the small suspension bridge, one leads their horses, another ride scooter… all keep coming to the market with all kind of merchandise with such a smiley looking for a good day in the market.

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It’s Muong Hum – an animated picture of peaceful life which will leave a mark in your heart once coming to this unique market.



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