Muong Hum market in Sapa

Muong Hum Market in Sapa
There is nothing more precious than pure smiles

The Muong Hum market held on Sunday every week. Those are the busiest days of Bat Xat district – Lao Cai province. The market is in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, about 44km away from Lao Cai city.

The Muong Hum market with distinctive beauties

The Muong Hum Market in Sapa is not an exciting site but a place for convergence of many cultures and cuisines of ethnic minorities. The fair opened up on Sunday, from 7 am to 1 pm. Visitors can travel from Lao Cai to the market by car at a price ranging from 20.000 VND to 70.000 VND.

Muong Hum Market in Sapa
Like other markets in Sapa, Muong Hum market is a place full of Sapa ethnic groups

The market is located in a small valley, adjacent to a stream, and surrounded by ranges of high mountains. The weekend market along the Muong Hum stream is a place to meet, exchange, buy and play for inhabitants of Ha Nhi, H’Mong, Hoa, Giay, Dao Do, Dao Tuyen and Han ethnic groups. Especially, the fair is very noisy because of Mong girls’ appearance with colorful costumes of the Red Dao, Ha Nhi ethnic groups. All of them made up distinctive beauties for the highland market.

On weekdays, people come here to admire the scenery of Muong Hum painting. However, on weekends, tourists pay attention to the scene of the stream near the market. Young women H’Mong flower skirt sexy with dyed wigs looks like a walking flower shimmering. Among them, costumes of Dao Do girls with indigo skirts embroidered patterns in the chests and a lot of silver jewelry, twinkling all the time. Dao ethnic children, even on the back of their mother, also wear colorful clothes, hats, and scarfs, which makes them become very attractive.

In the bank of the stream, the horses waiting for the owners gather in the spring with enough colorful feathers. They, sometimes, whinny, which makes the unique painting in there become more lively. Chain-bridges or rocky bridges over the stream always have people riding horses back and forth. 

The Muong Hum market-  a destination for dating

The girls, boys in the villages go to the market not only to buy but also to learn, to play and find sweethearts, so everyone looks very beautiful like going to a festival. Of course, in the Muong Hum market is noisy, crowded. In addition, tourists cannot take their eyes of clothes of ethnic girls. When the market was ended, inhabitants with their bright smiles and goods in their hands go home.

Muong Hum Market in Sapa
Sapa women with a baby on their back is the popular scene here

All of them have created an extremely special market- the Muong Hum market which attracts local and foreign tourists to Sapa in order to explore its beauties. Many people scheduling to travel Sapa have to choose the right time when the fair gathered to have special and interesting experience.

Although moving in roads is still difficult, the roads to Muong Hum still brings us to a place of flowers with special ethnic cultures always maintained as the source of streams that are making up the beauties for this land.

If you have the opportunity to join sapa tour, you should not overlook the opportunity to the Muong Hum market where you can feel peaceful space from natural scenery and life of the inhabitants.

Wish you have a successful trip to Sapa!


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