Conquering “the Roof of Indochina” is absolutely a challenging and dangerous journey ever. You may want to stir your blood with a memorable mountain climbing but keep it safe.

What you need to know before conquering Fansipan peak 1

Thank for the majestic landscape and the incredible altitude, Fansipan mountain rise in popularity in no time and arrive on top attractive spot in northwestern Vietnam. By seeing that, people establish three station at Tram Ton, Sin Chai and Cat Cat. All lead to the stopover one after one at an altitude of 2.200m, 2.800m and another one at the summit.

Tram Ton

From Tram Ton to Fansipan peak is the most favorite route to anyone because it is way less dangerous than the others two. The path is not too winding and steep too. With only 16 km, it’s possible to finish your conquering the mountain queen in day if you keep your journey in a fast and energetic rhythm or two days and one night if you’re not in a rush but enjoy every moment in the middle of the nature.

What you need to know before conquering Fansipan peak 2

Sin Chai

A journey following the Sin Chai itinerary if really a challenge of the majestic nature to the climber with steep hill-sides. The higher the altitude you get the more dangerous the path is, especially at an altitude of 2.200m. It’s not just about passing the steep climbs but also the muddy path which is extremely far from acceptable. At an altitude of 1.260m, it’s not easy at all to reach the summit in less than 2 days.

What you need to know before conquering Fansipan peak 3

Cat Cat

As the longest trip, about 37km, you have to spend about 4 days of surpassing many difficulties and challenging topographic. The small path on the mountain side is not for ones with a faint of heart. Furthermore, after passing through the dense forest, climbers have to face a lot of violent streams and rivers in the rainy season. As a matter of fact, no newbie climber dare to choose this road.

What you need to know before conquering Fansipan peak 4

The journey to the summit will leave you unforgettable experiences and of course terrifying memories too. If the slippery road is nothing to you, the steep climb and the majestic waterfall will make you want to give up at the moment. But that’s not all, there’s more extreme things for your little heart. Leech, it is anywhere to be found.

What you need to know before conquering Fansipan peak 5

In addition, from Cat Cat to Fasipan can be considered as the deadliest route when one mistake could kill anyone. Every single step on such a dangerous road will make your never on edge. At such a high altitude, strong winds and rarefied atmosphere will make your palms get sweaty in the case of being scared, nervous and excited too.



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