People in Sapa – The precious asset of this land

People in Sapa

Surrounding environments have a huge impact on human behaviors, and that truth is ominously precise in Sapa, where love and laughter are present under any circumstances. Make your way to Sapa destinations and experience with your naked eyes of the real humanity which become scarce in this modern hectic world.
One thing that makes them stand out is their super simple way of thinking. This is obvious in the way they sell their livestock, lon cap nach ( a type of pig): all pigs are charged the same price. It means the 10kg pig is equal with 20kg one. It’s quite scintillating listening to their explanation: “ They are all the same, if they (tourists) grab the small one, the price is still very reasonable; if they get hold of the big one, the smaller ones will grow to their full-size next time, there’s nothing to worry about”. From that beautiful thought, we tend to feel happier to try our luck in that win-win solution. If it is not so persuasive, then this following “tale” will convince you about the cuteness of Sapa people. In their trading, any discrepancies are not allowed. If you bargain for the lower price, the reply is a strong no; but it’s understandable and there’s nothing to say. But what if you want to pay higher, in another word, you want to tip them? Their reply will still remain unchanged. If the seller is a mature female, she will say: “That’s the price and you just pay it, nothing will be different”; And if other genders sell things to you: “my wife/mom tell me to do so and I cannot do otherwise.”

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Sapa market

Moreover, locals have been tree-huggers from the time unknown and their talent built from that also. They love rice paddies, they are into mountains, they are big fans of bird’s chirping sounds among peaceful landscapes and all there affection is delicately transfered into signature daily use stuff or souvenirs. On top of that, people express their greatest gratitude for mother nature through the way they treat rice. It’s not to be overstated to say that every single grain of rice is considered as a gift from above. After harvesting from terrace field, people gently hang them up in dry places around their home with great care and make sure none of those pearls are useless. Living in a sterile land, people with their advanced awareness of food saving has contributed a substantial amount of rice resulting in Vietnam’s top second rice exporter.

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People in Sapa 2

Rice terrace field

And as we all know, Sapa develop more and more these days thanks to non-smoke industry (Sapa tourism) leading to the prevalence of souvenir hawkers. One amazing picture of a girl recently has sparked controversy between netizens. One side shows their concern about her childhood devoid of care and education. Others (and this is the majority) give her a lot of compliments, especially to her eyes. Her pure innocence is impressively shown through her beady, misty eyes. Tons of tourists flow to Sapa well-known destinations mean a golden chance to earn off a (nice) living for everyone, then why not a tiny but pretty girl can do it under her mother’s supervision? When asked about something, the lovely girl was so shy and buried her head under the parent’s arm. How cute was that! This is a strong indicator of irreplaceable good-natured characteristics of local folks.

People in Sapa 3

Cute petite Sapa girl

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