Pickled bamboo shoot in Sapa – Taste once and remember forever


Sa Pa is not a land of outstanding natural beauty, cool and fresh climate but also a place with dishes carrying national identity. Especially, pickled bamboo shoot in Sapa has the mountainous flavor which is preferred by many people.

Basic information of pickled bamboo shoot in Sapa

As a North-western province with many beautiful landscapes, Sapa tourism in recent years has developed strongly in recent. And it attracts crowded tourists every year. Besides attracting by the scenic beauty, Sapa is also attracted by many delicious foods, rare specialties including sour bamboo shoots.

Fresh uncooked baby bamboo

Small bamboo shoots mushroom quickly in Springtime after drizzling. Bamboo shoots with shells intact are dug up when they are about 40cm to 60cm long. Different genres of bamboo have various sizes and shapes.

Cooking process

First, we learn about sour bamboo shoots. Sour bamboo shoots are made quite meticulous. They elect bamboo shoots carefully. The new veneer is stuffed 25 – 30cm, brought back and peeled and washed and moved to a small number, not stick to water. Incubate in a jar, using a balloon cover. After 20-30 days, bamboo shoots will be sour. Take sour bamboo shoots with fish or meat. When cooking, eat a deliciously sour, delicious, stimulating eating feeling. Good to be able to manage a year. Sa Pa is also one of the most popular products.

Why pickled bamboo shoot in Sapa earns its stripes?

They are easily handled with to create a crunchy pickle

This kind of sour bamboo shoots is popular with many visitors. Because besides the sour taste is very delicious, it also brings peace of mind to customers. The raw material used to make bamboo shoots completely from nature, not using any preservative chemicals.

In addition to enjoying on the spot, you can also choose specialty Sapa travel is sour bamboo shoot as a gift to friends, relatives. It is easy to find this dish, as it is sold at many markets or you can find people walking in the area.

When eating, many people admire the taste of the mountains and forests of food. And it is mixed with the surprise because of the gourmet chewing gum, the slightly bitter taste of bamboo shoots, the sweet sweetness of chicken, and the smell of spices.

Enjoy the bamboo shoots of bitter bamboo fire in the cold dinner, you will be told by the elder village chiefs about the accumulation of bitter bamboo shoots in the forest, attached to the pure love of Boo and Khmer. Because of wanting to protect couples that find death together in the sacred forest.

Benefits of bamboo shoot

The final version of this healthy eat

The strong fortes of bamboo shoots offer for us including safe weight loss, bad cholesterol manage, and immunity boost. It also has cancer-killing and anti-inflammatory functions. It eases the heart, contains protein, a great source of vitamins and minerals. It also contains a significant amount of valuable fiber.

Sour bamboo shoots can be easily found at the local markets or sold by local people at reasonable prices. Visit Sapa to see, a sour bamboo shoot is both delicious food and a gift meaning Sapa. It is very popular with tourists. Let’s visit sapa to discover many interesting things !!!

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