Preservation of traditional crafts: Encourage the rise of Sapa’s community


Lao Cai is one of the provinces having good policies in preserving traditional handicrafts of ethnic minority people. The fact that flax growing and weaving model is one of many community-based poverty alleviation models has been developed of late.

sapa-craft-3Brocade weaving not only helps people escape poverty but also contribute to the preservation of traditional crafts.

Create stable jobs for people

sapa-craft-4Ta Phin commune about 12km north of Sa Pa town (Lao Cai), is one of the main tourist routes of Sa Pa district. Not only known for its untouched natural beauty, this place also attracts visitors by the unique cultural identity of local ethnic groups including brocade weaving. To boost people’s living standard, Sa Pa district authorities have been running the project of flax planting and brocade weaving in recent years.

sapa-craft-5Accordingly, people will learn and innovate the designs of brocade products to more beautiful versions and connect with indigenous businesses to find out the way out for brocade products. Thanks to it, in recent years, brocade has helped families such as Vang Thi My get out of poverty, “from nobody to somebody”. “Brocade weaving is a traditional profession, it was passed down in my family from my parents but we just weave to use or exchange within the village. Since the local authorities have taught us more beautiful brocade weaving techniques, our products have driven tourists crazy. Many families have escaped from living in penury.”- Vang Thi My (Ta Phin commune, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province).

sapa-craft-6By this time, Sa Pa district has more than a dozen models to preserve and develop brocade weaving. This unique vocation has created jobs for thousands of indigenous workers and raised women’s status in the family’s pecking order. Brocade products are increasingly abundant and diversified along with expanded both domestic and foreign markets.

Poverty reduction by internal resources

sapa-craft-7It can be seen that Lao Cai is one of the places has quite good policies in preserving and retaining traditional handicrafts of ethnic minority people. In the project to preserve the traditional Cat Cat village and San Sa lake (Sa Pa), Lao Cai has preserved four traditional handicrafts: brocade weaving, silver making, metal forging and carpentry, create jobs which help bring about socio-economic efficiency for the development of the locality, especially in attracting potential customers travel to visit and learn the village products. There are 11 embroidered and brocade villages in Ta Phin, San Sa Ho and Sapa communes with more than 1,000 households joining each year, bringing the market from 32,000 to 35,000m fabric only in Sapa district. The subdistricts of Van Ban, Bac Ha … also formed many embroidered and brocade weaving villages, attracting thousands of labors in their past-time …

sapa-craft-2The fact that flax planting and weaving is one of many community-based poverty alleviation models has been developed recently. According to a World Bank report, more than 30 million Vietnamese have emerged from poverty in the last two decades. After five years of implementing the national poverty reduction target, Vietnam is one of six countries that have achieved their goals ahead of time and is a bright spot for achieving poverty reduction targets.

sapa-craft-1Looking at the skillful hands of the H’Mong, Dao girls, … weaving the “dream of a happy life”, we have the right to hope for the sustainable poverty reduction targets set by the Government. It encourages creativity, brand new way of thinking and internal resources from the community and all people to achieve success.

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