Sapa is always well-known as the home of many different minority ethnics. If Hmong stand out with their famous handicraft, Red Dao with their tradition herbal bath recipe, Tay people is proud of their amazing culinary which is specifically symbolized by many bee pupae dishes.

As a matter of fact, the highlight of Tay people cuisine is the ingredients all originated from the local food in their village and no doubt in the forests in their region too. By seeing that can feel how close their life to the nature is.

Bee pupae dishes are not a strange food in Vietnam but bee pupae congee can be considered as the interesting common point of people living in plain and in the mountain. When hunting for food in the forest is a daily task, people may face a lot of unexpected troubles as well as dangers in their way and being picked by insects, specifically bee is apparently seems not an unusual problem.

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In the area of Tay people, there are many different variety of bee which is a natural profitable resource for honey, medicine, wax… or even fishing prey. Thus, you can tell that they are all bee expert who dare to use one of the fiercest species of bee – wasp for food because of the unique greasy and fragrant flavor of their pupae.

Wasp is a horrible experience for not only human but also animal being picked. But people have to admit that this dangerous insect has a lot of pupae, the incredible ingredients for many delicious and nutritious food. As a matter of fact, even a child in Tay village eager to taste this natural gift. For a small hive that they found when on the way leading the water buffalo, children intend to use it as a fishing prey or have a nice try of the pure and fresh flavor and for a bigger one, they can even cook a hot pot of bee pupae congee by their own right in the field. But, for a really big one, just men with expertise experience dare to handle.

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How to make the famous specialty of Sapa, bee pupae congee? Unlike others many food in this colorful land, this dish is very easy to make but still guaranteed the attractive taste. This is again a way they want to respect the authentic flavor of nature. People just have to cook the fresh and dried pupae together in the pot of congee.

Especially, for those who want to try a flavorful dish, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to the delicious fried bee pupae. After boiled several minutes, just put the insect into a hot pan and let them cooked in about 10 minutes. By adding a little fragrant fish sauce and some local aroma plants, the delicious is ready to serve you. Such a worth recipe accompanied well with the homemade wine for every gourmet.


A successful journey without culinary discovery is a corpse without soul. Keep being an explorer of food, your journey will be full filled with interesting experiences and delicious food.

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