Sitting in the extreme north of Bat Xat commune, Lao Cai province. With the typical weather of temperate climate, Ngai Thau is a fairy land hidden in the blanket of clouds and fogs all year round. Thank for the remote location, this place is the ideal destination for one who love to immerse themselves in the clouds and the nature.

The ultimate adventure to conquer Ngu Chi Son Mountain 7

Riding through many villages in the morning, you can still feel the light blanket of fogs covering the small rustic houses. In such the very first moment of a new day, it’s possible to hear the melodies of the nature of bird songs, sounds of crickets chirping… which silently bring sweetness to your soul as a gift of Mother Nature.

Riding toward the sea of clouds 3 Riding toward the sea of clouds 2

To come to the Ngai Thau Thuong, the best place to contemplate the clouds, riders motorbike have to pass the steep roads on which the ingenious people go to the field on a daily basis or come to the market weekend for trading activities. In the springtime, the surroundings become more splendid because of the freshness of wild camellia blossoms.

Riding toward the sea of clouds 4

The feeling when you standing on the summit at admire the outrageous view of the sea of clouds is something indiscernible. It’s the immense sea of white clouds which is covered by light layer of golden sunlight in the sunrise. I don’t know if the sunset can be more beautiful than that or not, but I know for sure I’m in deep love with the majestic nature this moment.

Riding toward the sea of clouds 5

Standing in such a heart-in-the-throat altitude, you can have a phenomenon panorama of the sleeping nature, absolutely tranquil and peaceful. You can even see layers of fluffy clouds lingering slowly and embracing lightly the summit of the green mountains with the naked eye. Then the sunlight participate in the performance of light, wind and color to decorate and bright up the whole natural space.

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Riding toward the sea of clouds 7

Once the fresh winds blows the thick layers of clouds, it’s really wonderful to see the vast valley and abyss spreading over the vision till the horizon. The O Quy Ho pass, the Vietnam’s longest mountain pass incredibly turn into a giant silk which softly drape round the green valley. In the other side of the mountain slope is the stunning beauty of purple Melastomataceae (hoa Mua) dyeing in the corner of the dense forest.

Riding toward the sea of clouds 9 Riding toward the sea of clouds 8

The ideal time to “hunt” clouds is seemingly in winter and in spring, from November to April. But for real fan of clouds, the amazing view of such a white ocean will bring you surprises anytime you come to visit and to relax by listen to the wind, let your soul fly away on the wind and feel the sky. Once you set foot on the high peak, you are eager to return again at least one more time to engrave the exotic feeling in your mind.

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