Saigon specialties – Trang Bang rice paper and fried flour


Trang Bang rice paper has attracted visitors from all regions including foreign diners with the long-lasting taste. If you are a tourist for the first time to Saigon, you will probably wonder, where is the best selling Trang Bang rice paper in Saigon?

Trang Bang Hoang Ty Rice Paper

Hoang-ty-trang-bang-sapaluxurytravel2Located at 1 Nguyen Huu Cau Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Trang Bang Hoang Ty Rice Paper has become a populous address for people in Saigon who love southern country specialties. The shop attracted a quite crowded throng to the airy and clean space. Service staff are very fast and enthusiastic. The restaurant has a rich menu of attractive dishes, but Trang Bang rice paper has been always the “king”.

Special features of Trang Bang rice paper in Hoang Ty

Hoang-ty-trang-bang-sapaluxurytravel1The special point making the brand of Trang Bang Hoang Ty rice paper become popular is probably raw vegetables and dipping sauce. Vegetables are fresh greenish and thoroughly washed. Not only that, there are various indigenous veggies that you cannot find out somewhere else such as ambarella leaf and other wild edible folioles.

In addition, seasoned fish sauce to boiled meat is prepared according to a special formula, no place has such a taste, to satisfy even the most fastidious. In addition, the restaurant also committed not to use the artificial chewy-creating chemical (which is poisonous) and severe hygiene management so customers should feel completely assured when using food here.

If you have the opportunity to Saigon, please visit 1 Nguyen Huu Cau to enjoy yourself!

Mudskipper hot pot restaurant in Saigon at reasonable prices

Introduce the hot pot fish river-leaf creepers

mudskipper-hot-pot-sapaluxurytravel1In the countless famous dishes of the river zone, fish hotpot occupies the top position as mudskipper hot pot with sour soup leaves, hot pot siamensis fish cooked with sesban (yellowish flowers). Stretching across 12 provinces of western Vietnam, each place has typical specialties, but you can order a fish hotpot with the distinctively aromatic smell.

This is a kind of fish’s thriving depends closely on nature, so they have a very distinct flavor. Mudskipper is a long-tailed fish, shaped like goby. Each one is about 20. It is a type of catfish, but almost no sickly smell. The flesh lean and aromatic, mixed with sweet bitterness of fish liver, creating special dishes of the Southwesterners. Some typical eats with this fish include pepper poached fish, grilled, and coconut milk poached mudskipper.

Mudskippers hotpot cooked with sour soup leaves earns its stripe

mudskipper-hot-pot-sapaluxurytravel2However, it seems that hot pot is always on top of the list. At first glimpse, the tiny fish is as tiny as a finger making diners a bit scared to taste. Hotpot broth is a bit special compared to other types of hot pot by the presence of sour soup leaves. This particular flavor of the leaves makes hotpot become more attractive.

The alive and kicking fish were skillfully dropped into the hot pot in front of guests’eyes. Unlike other fish, the intestines and bile are retained for eating. It is irresistible to the bitterness of those organs associated with the sweetness of fish’s flesh, the acidity of leaves and the crunchiness of fried sliced onions.

The side dishes with hot pot are also very various from bitter vegetable, water spinach, water mimosa, and vermicelli. Hot steamy fish should be dipped in pure fish sauce with some slices of chili to highlight the origin and main feature of this dish: countryside.

Especially, these fish are still alive when dropping into the broth to ensure the sweetness of the broth.

(HCM) Top locations of the best-fried flour (bot chien) in Saigon

Fried Flour is a dish originated from China, later imported into Vietnam and became an attractive snack that hardly anyone can refuse. The seller of the fried dough must use a large cast iron pan with big flames to ensure the crisp of the outside and the softness inside. Side dishes are dipping sauces and pickle. People have their own recipe for making the sauce to reach the well-balanced for the oily stuff. In Saigon, fried dough is snaking near and far from the big crowded streets to tiny alleyways to bring a healthy food for many folks.

Dat Thanh Fried Flour

Dat Thanh meets all the requirements of an amazing plate of fried flour, hence it becomes an acclaimed site to refer to when it comes to this eat. From the extra thickness of a perfect fried flour pieces to the clean pickle have been doing wonders in alluring series of diners to the restaurant. Scrumptious foodstuffs at the reasonable, not to say dirt cheap prices, Dat Thanh always the first spot popping out when mentioning to fried flour without a shadow of doubt.

Duc Hoa Fried Flour

bot-chien-dat-thanh-sapaluxurytravel2Fried flour with the motto “crispy to the last piece”, not plain crispy, but still quite special chewy.  Foodee Minh Thu Bui has affirmed that “soaking in soy sauce but the last wet chuck is still very crispy. To have that long-lasting crisp, the time of frying is longer than normal. It’s worth the time waiting for those high-quality dishes.  Pickle and sauce are other prominent points of this stall.

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