The secret of famous cuisine in sapa 4

Sapa Town not also attracts tourists by beautiful natural scenery from moutains and forests but also by a lot of delicious food. Nibbling crispy fishes from streams or sipping a glass of tao meo wine are some unforgettably impression about Sapa delicious foods when we travel to Sapa. 

Salmon – Top list of Sapa delicious foods

Salmon in Sapa has some specific characteristics of the cold weather in highlands. The softness in every flesh creating a sugary aftertaste accompanied with the attractive salmon skin hue. When you go to any restaurants in this town, you can easily order some dishes processed from salmon such as salad, fry, roast, pemmican and so on. Among these cuisines, hot pot is outstanding.

Sapa alluring cuisine

With the skillful process from the talented chef, salmon hot pot in Sapa doesn’t have fishly smell. Far from this, it becomes more charming than ever when it is used with forest veggies. In the cold weather in the mountains there, sipping a small glass of alcohol and eating this kind of hot pot will certainly etch the huge impression on your mind years to come. In previous years, salmon is known to live just in North beach in Europe and America.

Sapa salmon

Recently, after people have applied a lot of methods to keep it in other areas such as Asia, salmon now can stay alive and kicking there. This fish has presented in Sapa and becomes one of the most favourite viands loved by many .

 Armpit-carrying pigs

Roated armpit pig

Armpit-carrying pig is derived from H’Mong people. This name is explained that people always carry pigs under their arm when going to the market to sell them. These animals  can be processed following some amazing recipes like drying, steaming, or roasting. Popularly, honey-roasted pork is so much attractive to many people because its polished appearance. Also, its flesh is soft and sweet to please a lot of food connoinsseurs. Dipping sauce made from salt and red pepper is a perfect condiment to enjoy this cuisine.

 Grilled skewered food

These cuisines are extremely easy to be found when you set food on Sapa. There are a lot of counter selling them everywhere with a variety of styles. If you are hungry, you can chose a spicy beef skewer convoluted with vegetables or a chicken one or bamboo-tube rice, etc. There are a lot to choose and enjoy. One of the best feeling for us is that walking on the street, finding a small store, talking together and waiting for our own skewers. 

Fish from streams

Sapa stream fish

This is the characteristic dish from every highland areas where have a lot of streams crossing cliffs. This kind of fish is not big as the ones living in ponds but its meat is so soft and flabby. Each fish is as big as two or three fingers of a person. A special thing is that it usually disguises to the green color of moss in the rocks to avoid people. Also, it has a lot of bones so people usually fry it for ease. After frying, it becomes crispy and we can eat some small bones. The tasty and sugary from its meat make people who have ever eaten it memorize for a long time.

Sapa grilled foods



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