Sapa Eco Palms House – Mountain Retreat


As today, traveling becomes one of the most popular activities to everyone in the recent time. It’s not merely considered as “activity”, it is the time people share their moments with each other, for not losing a single moment of their youth. The going concerns are mainly around food, culture, customs, people, and place to stay. Finding a “stopping place” is essential for tourists as a good preparation for any plans of tourism. Let Eco Palms House do the honors for you.


An outer look at Eco Palms House

“Never judge a book by its cover” – This would be the best description when speaking of Eco Palms House. An accommodation built in Sapa Town and had its view heading to terraced rice fields.

Eco Palms House – Mountain Retreat provides accommodation with free Wi-Fi, Spa and barbeque lounge. Along the central lobby, bar and parking lot are set nearby. Rooms here are designed with general lounge, day-care sector, souvenir shop, and toiletries are on the service in hopes of bringing the comfortableness for tourists. The receptionist is on service for thorough 24 hours, especially the friendliness of the staff. In companion with the hospitality services, Eco Palms House also creates a playground to serve tourists’ entertainment such as speed dart, cycling.

Eco-palms-house-sapaluxurytravel2From the side-view, tourists may be totally deceived by its look-alike farm huts. The texture is actually a great effort of architecture beautification, made of bamboo and woods in purpose to create the sense of familiarity.


Convenient Amenities

One of the special traits in Eco Palms House that rooms are not allocated around the central resort, but divided each within the highland area of terrace field. The place is a great deal of space, the design is so amazing that tourists just can summarize it into 3 words “delicate-neat-tidy”. To tourists who want to stay at the main resort, bedrooms and restaurants are served for general groups.

Eco-palms-house-sapaluxurytravel4Besides, the “one house” for tourists going as the couple is available to book if they would like to have private space for each other, the house includes of bedroom, restroom, and balcony heading to terraces. Inside of the room, a large comfortable bed is readily clean to serve, covered with full white-colored drap and a red embroidered couple of pillows.

At the right corner, television is organized in the form of a heater with wood-carving patterns. A small table at the front of the bed outfitted with a set of champagne and fruits, and beanbags. Also, tourists can enjoy playing the typical musical instrument of Sapa – Khaen, giving an experience of harmonizing folk-living.


Other comforts you will have here

Not only that, an amazing scene for couples to check-in and enjoy the view of great nature. The heavenly blue of the cloudy sky, the vast green of grass and terraced fields, the grandeur of mountains surrounding. Such a spectacular vision that leave strong influence to tourists and an invisible force of WOW can surprisingly be seen.

Eco Palms House will never disappoint tourists and even make a promising return to who had experience here. For the harmony of modernized texture and natural background, it is totally a good stop worth-staying than ever.


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