Sapa is never well-known as a land of fruit as many region in southwestern Vietnam but for not only the high quality but also the diversity and of course the flavor this land became an ideal destination for fan of fruit as well as tourist who love to experience the real taste of place. Once you make a Sapa tour, don’t forget to taste what people call “the feast of freshness”.

  1. Bayberry (Thanh Mai)

Wild berry, wine berry or even fairy berry are many popular name of bayberry in Vietnam. Around January to February is the season of this kind of fruit which grows wildly in North and the mountainous regions in the Center. Bayberry has also the distinct flavor of berry, a bit little sweet, a little bit sour and fragrant.


Especially, this scarlet fruit has many medicinal advantages. Furthermore, besides being as tasty fruit good for health, people also made many specialties like sugared dry bayberry, sugar-coated bayberry… but the most symbolic creation is homemade bayberry wine or cider. Such an attractive treat in summertime.

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  1. Peach (Dao ro)

If you come to Sapa around Juin, you can easily meet peach for sale along the way leading to the town. By only looking at the beautiful color of ripe peach can make your mouth watering. “Dao ro” or “Dao nui” are the way people call this juicy fruit which is the gift of the nature for Hmong people.

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If you miss the chance to admire the town immersing in the beautiful shade of pink blossom in spring time, you can experience the feeling of getting lost in the peach garden. “Dao ro” is not very big but very fragrant. Just looking at the fluffy fruit and thinking about the beautifully sour and fresh flavor will make your mouth watering nonstop.


  1. Red plum (Man do Ta Van)

In summer, Sapa is decorated by the purple red of red plum, the main agricultural product of Ta Van village. By any chance, tourist can visit the orchard and pick fruit by your own. This is such a wonderful experiences. Just look at the outside of the fruit you can tell how good it taste.


This juicy fruit is an amazing ingredient for wine and cider. When the original flavor is the distinct sweetness, the brewed drink has a comfortable sourness and pungency of the seed.


  1. “Cat apple” (Tao meo)

Though the appearance is not very attractive, this wild apple is no doubt the most famous fruit in the mountainous town Sapa. This kind of apple only grows in the middle of nature under the freezing temperature and the climatic condition on high mountains.


Unlike other fruit specialties, this apple is mainly the ingredient for homemade wine. As a matter of fact “Tao meo” wine is very popular in the upland region. Moreover, it also play an important role in local cuisine. By visiting a family in the village or food market, this local wine is not only the best company with good food but also a beautiful trait in the culture of tribal people.


In your journey in Sapa, don’t leave until you try a taste the fresh flavor of many fruits specialties. It’s absolutely true that nothing better than a taste of place like this.

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