Sapa Golden Sea Hotel

Sapa Golden Sea Hotel

Address: 58 Fansipan St., Sapa townSapa Golden Sea Hotel is located at the top of the mountain, overlooking the Muong Hoa Valley, and not far from Sapa Market and the town center. The hotel has 34 well-equipped rooms, as well as a balcony for enjoying the beautiful scenery nearby. For your convenience, there is also a restaurant, laundry service, 24-hour room service, library, and bar.


Sapa Golden Sea HotelThe Sapa Golden Sea Hotel is located near Sapa city center. It takes you less than 5 minutes to access the city center and the market. The nearest station is Lao Cai, just 60 minutes from the hotel.

Amenities and services of Sapa Golden Sea Hotel

Sapa Golden Sea HotelRestaurant, bookstore, laundry service, safety locker, karaoke room, massage room, sauna room. The 34-room Gold Sea Hotel is designed in a typical style, and well-equipped.

Two authentic reviews of guests

Not-so-good one

Sapa Golden Sea Hotel Sapa Golden Sea Hotel“I stayed at this hotel because it was part of a trip I booked from Ethnic Travel in Hanoi. Though I found the staff were very enthusiastic and the room was good, I must complain about more than one thing about this lodging. The on-paper itinerary was spending a day visiting Bac Ha Market (about 2 hours by car from Sapa), going to visit the neighboring village, and returning to Lao Cai Station respectively. There, the guide will have helped us pick up the tickets and arranged lunch (booked in advance) at the restaurant.

But these were just the things that Ethnic travel agents and hotels told us. Without the guide, we were released at Bac Ha Market after about 3 hours of driving and reminded to return for lunch after 1.5 hours. After lunch, we were taken straight to Lao Cai, dropped off at a restaurant not right as stated and there was no explanation and no one told us where we had to go to get tickets. We did not even visit the village. This is really a disappointing end to a trip. As a result, we cannot recommend the Ethnic Travel Agent (who did not care for our worries).

I did not mind choosing the plan for the trip, but when we (about 10 people on the go) pay to go through the agent, they should also do what they promised.

Source Tripadvisor – An Australian guest

The second bad one 

“Our stay at Sapa Goldsea Hotel was disappointing. The room was not clean, the bed sheet was gross, the moldy odor was available everywhere. The bed was hard and it was hard to sleep on it, there was no shower in the room. We arrived on the night train so we needed a break in the afternoon and still had to hear the hammer stabbing on the other side of the wall during the afternoon.

Luckily breakfast was good and the staff was pleasant. The beautiful Sapa is still a highlight of our trip without the nightmare experience at Sapa Golden Sea Hotel!”



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