Sapa joins a hand to help Vietnam earn a slot among top 10 amazing trips in autumn.

top 10 autumn 12

According to National Geographic, Vietnam has become a top-notch place to visit in the third season of 2017. Sapa plays a crucial role in this feat. Check out the article below to see how gorgeous Sapa is in this period of time and make your own guess for the rest of the fall’s tourist attractions.


top 10 autumn 1Sapa in autumn

Golden fallen leaves of Hanoi (Vietnam’s capital) have made their way to thousands of sad songs in Vietnam. Those tranquil sceneries are oddly beautiful and …gloomy. If you are an introvert or simply seeking for a peaceful place to have inner peace, this venue is where you belong. Besides, as mentioned above, Sapa offers almost all of its essence in this year’s time. Rice terraced fields gradually turn into marvelous yellow. Go find yourself a high spot and enjoy the panoramic views of these strange fields. Have you ever imagined how it feels when going paragliding and witnessing those spectacular views at the same time? The amazing service has been also offered there. Go, try it out and get away from it all!

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top 10 autumn 2

Paragliding in Sapa


This south Asian country is note-worthy at the end of the year. Here’s proof of what a beautiful time it is! It is the most colorful season of the year. The yellow leaves are the symbol to indicate the winter’s chill is around the corners. The seasonal birds are about to fly south…

top 10 autumn 3

Beautiful India


A country that measures its worth by quantifying ‘happiness’ in terms of– Gross National Happiness; rather than GDP is also on this list. In this one and only carbon-negative country, autumn is at its finest.

top 10 autumn 4Bhutan at the moment

Cape town

Even to locals, the views are alluring to feast their eyes on. Cape Town earns its fame for its changing seasons, and it’s magical to witness this land’s colors change from green to brown and yellow. Take a drive out to the Winelands, and you will see even more transformation.

top 10 autumn 6Cape town


Weather in Greece this season is ideal for holidays. The glory of the autumnal countryside, the warmness of sea, tranquil resorts with bountiful olives and grapes, oil and wine.

top 10 autumn 7

Lizard Island ( Australia)

Lizard Island is Australia’s northernmost island resort. It is located 150 miles north of Cairns and 57 miles northeast off the coast from Cooktown. Lizard Island is an absolute paradise in autumn.

top 10 autumn 8

Lizard island


Autumn is a great time to visit Mexico for various reasons: since this is not the peak season for tourism you can receive more discount for couples and families.

top 10 autumn 9



Autumn is one of the best times to visit France. Especially in the southern part of the country, the days can be gently warm – even hot. September and October are not the wettest months of the year, and the countryside can be amazingly pretty in its autumn colors.

top 10 autumn 10


Zion National Park in Utah, The US

Zion National Park is located in Springdale, Utah, United States. Autumn tree-color displays begin in September in the high country; in Zion Canyon, autumn colors usually peak in late October.

top 10 autumn 11

Zion National Park

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