Sapa in the list of must-visit places in November

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In November, the weather turns cold with cool gusts of winds and milder weather. This is the right time for you to make your way to attract tourist attractions for both discovering the new land and stress releasing purposes.

The ideal destination in November are not windy beaches but the highlands with fragrant wildflowers.They look like “fairyland” offering tons of amazing things. The following list will stoke up your wanderlust for sure. Check it out!

  1. Da Lat

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Yearly in November, Dalat tourist city again received a series of tourists to travel and admire the wild sunflowers. These yellow florets often brilliantly bloom on Lang Biang Plateau. They are at their best from the end of October to January.

In addition to wildflowers in Da Lat, you can visit the pinky grass hill in there. Between November and December is the time when the grassy hills shine when the autumn comes to an end.

White daisies of Dalat also bloom the middle of October until December.

Sunflowers of Dalat also shows off in November, (November and December to be exact)

  1. Binh Lieu Quang Ninh

sapa november 2

Binh Lieu has located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province about 120km away from Ha Long city bordered by China. This is known as “Sapa miniature of Quang Ninh” thanks to the beautiful scenery with extensive pampas plateau and greenish terraced fields.

Situated on the remote border so Binh Lieu is still pristine with the majestic nature. In Binh Lieu, every season is beautiful and unique. If in the spring, visitors have the chance to witness traditional festivals of indigenous people, summertime is when yellow paddy fields stretch to the end of the horizon, and the winter is the period of the vast white pampas land display the too-good-to-be-true theme os mountainous zone. The grassland is as beautiful as the fairyland.

Come to Binh Lieu this time, visitors will be surprised by the poetic beauty of the rare prairie. This road is also dubbed as the “dinosaur backbone” thanks to the unique trails on the top of the mountain linking the landmarks to form a hyphenated backbone of the prehistoric dinosaur.

In Binh Lieu besides the majestic natural beauty, the twin landmarks such as 1300, 1302, 1305 are considered as the ideal “check-ins” of travel enthusiasts. Standing on the top of this milestone you can capture the view of a mountainous region.

  1. Sapa

sapa november 3

Thinking about the tourist destinations in November, we can not fail to mention Sapa. Located in the northwest of Vietnam, Sa Pa is a highland district of Lao Cai Province. This place is marked in the heart of tourists with a beautiful humility and hidden wonders of nature.

Sa Pa is beautiful all year round, but the best time is around November. This time, Sa Pa weather is relatively stable. During the day, you can enjoy wandering and sightseeing. Night falls down is the time when you can enjoy the cold of the mountains and enjoy hot delicacies.

  1. Ha Giang

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In November, when the golden season of terraced fields gradually comes to an ease, the slopes of the Ha Giang rocky plateau turn into a strange hue. It is the pinkish color of tam giac mach flower. No one coming to this place wants to miss the opportunity to admire the wild beauty of this flower and crop the beautiful photos.

Coming to Ha Giang, tourists can also visit other famous sites such as Lung Cu flagpole, Quan Ba double mountain, Dong Van stone plateau, “Meo King” palace – Vuong Chi Sinh, all create a promising journey.

  1. Moc Chau

sapa november 5

Moc Chau is the largest and most beautiful highland in the northern mountains of Son La province. Located on the famous North West Route, this land has many beautiful landscapes and pretty villages.

Particularly, Moc Chau is flooded with colors of the distinctive flowers in November. The yellow of the sunflowers, and wildflowers intermingled with the scarlet hue of poinsettia and white plum blossoms’ color.

Sapa joins a hand to help Vietnam earn a slot among top 10 amazing trips in autumn.

Where to go in Vietnam – Sapa richly deserves a place in top spots.


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