Sapa Vietnam mountain in snow – rice fields, peach blossoms and more


When we are about to call it a year, Sapa will be covered in the alluring white from the summit to the lowland. To visitors, playing with snow or simply enjoy the “freaking” cold of Sapa weather this time will bring the unique feeling for them.

Sapa mountain at the end of the year

Sapa mountain covering with light pink and purple flower petals in the fall is turned into a solemnly chalky hue. In the snowy days, sceneries are widely blanketed in miraculous snow. It is the time when the coldest air spread in every corner of this land.


Sapa in white snow 

As a matter of fact, there were some noticeable snowstorms causing severe consequences. There have been years of snow lasting 1.2 days or more this time yesteryear. Therefore, Sapa snow hunting trips are about time. There were people who subjectively adjusted the time and waited for 2.3 days but unfortunately, no snow showed up. Hence there born the famous saying “ You must have huge luck to witness snow in Sapa.”

It’s normally snow from the middle of December to early days in January.

The signature grilled food in the mountainous land Sapa

Sapa rice fields

At this time, it looks less attractive but still has something unique to offer for curious tourists. These fields will transfer from the enticing yellow of autumn to an ominous white. But still catch public attention and many people come here just to witness the amazing sapa rice terraces in white!


It is beautiful as its own way

In this period, indigenous ethnic minorities are not going to work in rice fields anymore, they are too busy to fight against fierce winter cold to save the precious cattle. Though big as they are, cows and buffalos are extremely susceptible to Sapa snow weather. Rice recently harvested are neatly kept in the kitchen which has helped generations of Sapa people to survive harsh winters.


Cattle need a lot of care these days

Peach blossoms – The so-called saving grace

The saving grace and also the main attraction for Sapa in this period is peach blossom trees. Recently, local authorities please everyone when decided to add 3000 more saplings of this tree in 2 years (2017-2018). According to the plan, 3000 more plants with colorful petals will join a hand to help this land become more and more romantic in the foreseeable year.


Peach blossoms – the main attraction right now

Sapa mountaintop will be covered in the amazing pretty pink petals. Concretely, Sa Pa People’s Committee will assign 3,000 cherry blossoms to the Youth Union, including Sa Pa Township (300 trees), San Tu Ho Commune (600 trees), Lao Chai (400 trees) , Ta Van (400 trees), Ta Phin (400 trees), Sa Pa (400 trees) and Truong Giang Sa Pa Joint Stock Company (500 trees). Particularly in November 2017, Sa Pa district will plant 1,000 trees and the rest will be in action in 2018. Seedlings are 100% supported by the district (seedlings were planted by the Hoang Lien National Park from the red blossoms that have been planted in Sa Pa for many years). In recent years, the blooming blossom trees in the center of Sa Pa town has become a special feature, which is particularly attractive to tourists. As a result, Sa Pa district authorities expect that the planting of new saplings will help attract more tourists to the locality, resulting in tourism development.



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