Sapa Salmon hotpot – a special dish will warm up your winter days

Sapa salmon hotpot

If you have a plan to visit Sapa – the clouds city, especially in the winter, a Sapa salmon hotpot is always definitely the best choice for your food experience. It is considered as a must-try specialty in this clouds city by both domestic visitors and foreign tourists.

A special dish not-to-be-missed in such a cold area

The first reason is that salmon is famous for its fresh and strong meat, almost no grease, and there are a lot of dishes can be made from this ingredient such as grilled salmon, salmon salad, soup, or smoked salmon. But the fact is that this kind of fish is originally found in only subtropical or temperate areas like Europe and Northern America because of the temperature there.

Sapa salmon hotpot However, due to the cool climate and pretty cold water during the year, local folk can raise salmon in Sapa and especially the fish’s quality here can be compared to the salmon in the original places, no less quality compared to imported salmon, even less cholesterol. And Sapa is one of few places where people can enjoy raised salmon in Vietnam, which makes Sapa salmon hotpot become a much more special dish. The second reason is that hotpot is always the most suitable way to cook raw materials on winter days, a hot meal for a cold day, it makes sense, always.

Simple recipe for Sapa salmon hotpot

Sapa salmon hotpot If you want to see how people in Sapa raise salmon, you can pay a visit to Thac Bac. And if you want to make your salmon hotpot yourselves and then enjoy it, there are some restaurants offering such cooking classes, you can contact them for more information to have the chance to join those classes and learn the recipe. The recipe for this specialty is quite simply, the main ingredients are salmon, of course, tomato and pineapple. Then it is steaming and served with special Sapa-grown wild vegetables such as water pumpkin buds.

A memorable experience

Sapa salmon hotpot The average price of this dish at famous restaurants in Sapa is about 500 vnd for each kilogram of salmon. You should go with your group to have a reasonable price. You guys should enjoy the salmon hotpot with Sapa special cider, it will be one of your most memorable experiences. There’s nothing greater for your winter days in the snowy city of Vietnam than such a delicious hot meal with drink and friends around.

“The hotpot was absolutely stunning with fantastic aftertastes.” – a review by tourists for the Sapa salmon hotpot.
One day, if you want to travel to Sapa and enjoy this special dish here, are some popular restaurant offered for  you:

  1. Hoa Dao restaurant: opening from 9 am to 10 pm.

Address: 48 Le Van Tam St, Sapa

  1. Lotus Sapa: opening from 9 am to 10 pm

Address: 34 Cau May, Sapa


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